Basket Cemetery, Town of Fremont, Sullivan County, NY

The Basket Cemetery, also known as the Red School House Cemetery, is located in the town of Fremont, approximately 1 mile below the Delaware County (town of Hancock) border on County Route 134, on the uphill side of the road. It is located across from the intersection with "Basket Road." It is very unkempt, and contains about 50 unmarked fieldstones, some with Veteran's flags. There are a lot of Delaware County people buried here. The cemetery is in need of maintenance. Compiled by Chelsea Haight, transcribed and submitted by Collin Haight.
NAME                               BORN            DIED            AGE AT DEATH    NOTES                                   
BIEDEKAPP, Adam                    1830                                                                                    
BIEDEKAPP, Jane                    1823            1898                            Wife of Adam, maiden name Cherrytree    
BOVEE, George H.                   1846            1900                                                                    
BOVEE, Eliza C.                    1812            1892                            Mother                                  
BOVEE, Mabel E.                    1897            1898                                                                    
BOVEE, Leroy                       07/05/1892                                      Son of S.P. & J. Bovee                  
BRAZIE, Abram                      10/16/1808      06/20/1887                      Early settler in area                   
BRAZIE, Nancy Livingston           06/30/1817      03/12/1867                      Wife of Abram                           
BRAZIE, Levi                                       03/04/1863      19y-4m-19d      Son of Abram and Nancy, died in Civil Wa
CAGWIN, Alanson                    1821            1887                                                                    
CAGWIN, Elizabeth Setford          1841            1887                            Wife of Alanson                         
CAGWIN, Tom                        1850            1862                                                                    
COMFORT, Thomas                    1786            1870                                                                    
COMFORT, Mary                      1790            1874                            Wife of Thomas                          
COMFORT, Sarah                     1844            1902                            Daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
CROSS, Evander                     1847            1880                            8th NY Batt'y                           
CROSS, Mary Cagwin                 1852            1891                            Wife of Evander           
CUMMINGS, Clark T.                 07/07/1844      06/01/1909                      Co. I 124th NY V. Reg.                  
CUMMINGS, Julia E. Hale            12/05/1849      08/06/1903                      Wife of Clark                           
GEER, George H.                                    07/11/1861      Unreadable      Twins                                   
GEER, Ann Eliza                                    04/24/1861      1y-7m-10d       Twins                                   
GEER, Mary A.                                      01/15/1868      16y-5m-15d      Daughter of David & Betsey              
GEER, Martha                                       05/09/1865      42y-7m-18d      Wife of John Geer                                              
HALE, George H.                                                                                                            
HALE, Cora A. Hines                                11/11/1892      34y             Wife of George H.                       
HALE, Linnie E.                                    01/28/1890      11y             Daughter of George & Cora               
HODGKISS, Mariette                                 04/04/1866      13y-10m-14d     Daughter of John & Susan                
MAY, Eva                           1817            1901                            German Immigrant, Wife of John May      
McCULLAGH, Elmer D.                1894            1918                            7th Co. 152nd D.B.                      
MILLER, Elizabeth                  1784            1868                                                                    
OESTRICH, ??                                                                       Stone with no first names               
PALMER, Robert                                     12/28/1861      50y-5m-24d                                              
STRAIN, James K.                                   02/13/1895      54y-28d                                                 
STRAIN, Maryette Hastings          11/07/1843      05/11/1920                      Wife of James K.                        
STRAIN, Emmet                      1865            1919                                                                    
STRAIN, James K.                   1898            1920                                                                    
TINKELPAUGH, Julia                 1820            1900                                                                    
WILBUR, Reed                       1837            1886                            Buried at Broome Center, NY             
WILBUR, Eliza J.                   1844            1894                            Wife of Reed                            
YOUNG, Peter                                       03/25/1892      59y-5m-22d                                              
YOUNG, Laura                                       04/27/18_2      2y-2m-13d       Daughter of G.F. & Lydia Young          

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