published at Bloomingburgh, N. Y.

inst. is short for instant which means in the current month
ult. is short for ultimo which means in the month preceding (before the current month)


1846 - 1850

May 15, 1846

On Wed. May 6, 1846, by Rev. David Buck, JOSEPH G. HUNTINGTON, Jr. to Miss Cornelia A. Swift; both of Thompson.

On first day by Rev. Edw. K. Fowler, DR. RODERICK ROYCE to MISS ORPHA G. HARRIS.

On Sat. last by Rev. Wm. B. Reeve of Bethel, WILLIAM DECAY to MISS HARRIET BARLOW.

At Poughkeepsie on 4th inst by Rev. Mr. Thomas, CHARLES BROOM of Inwood, Sull. Co. to MISS CORNELIA C. MITCHELL, dau of late Stephen Mitchell, Esq. of the former place.

At Kingston, 4th inst. by Rev. J. C. F. Holes, RICHARD GORMAN to Miss NANCY DEPUY HARDENBURGH, both of Fallsburgh, in this county.

May 22, 1846

In Phillipsport on 21st inst. by Rev. Mr. Ayers, ZACHARIAH SMITH to Miss LUCY ANN TOPPING.

June 5, 1846

On Thurs. 28th ult. by Rev. Alva Gregory, JAMES G. GULNACK to Miss MARLA CARRIER, all of Liberty.

On 20th ult. by Rev. Edward K. Fowler, CHARLES DEWEY to Miss ADELIA SNYDER.

June 12, 1846

In Hamilton, Madison County, on 2nd inst. by Rev. Nathl. Kendrick REV. ADONIRAM JUDSON to Miss EMILY E. (Fanny FORRESTER) dau. of Chas CHUBBUCK, Esq. of the former place.

In Neversink on 23th ult. by Erastus Smith, Esq. THOMAS SMITH to Miss CHARITY SHEELY all of the above town.

On 23d ult. by Rev. Nathan Benedict, ASA HALL to Miss TRIPHENA ALDRICH, all of Neversink.

At Hunter, Greene County, on 3d inst. by Rev. John F. Ingersoll, Dr. L. D. ROBINSON of this county to Miss MARY B. dau. of late JOHN LOCKWOOD, of Hunter, N. Y.

June 19, 1846

On 17th inst by Rev. John Johnston, STEPHEN W. FULLERTON, Jr. Esq. of Minisink to MARY ELIZABETH HALSTEAD of Newburgh.

In Scotchtown on Thursday last by Rev. Mr. Prime, AMOS JUMP to MRS. JANE DAVIS, all of above place.

June 26, 1846

On Thursday, 18th inst. by Rev. James Adams, R. OAKLEY to MISS AUGUSTA dau. of Capt. Stephen HAMILTON of Monticello.

In Callikoon, 7th inst. by Thomas Ward, Esq., ALFRED GORTON to MISS MARGARET TREMPER, all of Callikoon.

July 21, 1846

In Lowell, 10th inst. by Rev. Mr. Ackinson, S. A. STURTEVANT to MISS J. DEPUY formerly of this village.

July 31, 1846

At Forestburgh, Thurs. 16th inst. by Rev. H. S. Carpenter of NYC, SAMUEL FOWLER, Esq. of N. J. to MISS HENRIETTA LAUVER, dau. of DANIEL M. BRODHEAD, Esq.

Sept. 11, 1846

In this town on 7th inst. by the Rev. I. Ferris, JOHN HALLOCK of Monroe, Orange County, to MISS HANNAH M., youngest dau. of COMFORT BENNETT of this town.

In Thompson on 3d inst. by Rev. Mr. Adams, LEWIS W. PIERCY of Montgomery to D. EMELINE NORTHAM of Thompson.

Sept. 18, 1846

At Catskill, Greene County, 10th inst. by Rev. Mr. Bates, NICHOLAS ELMENDORF of Kingston to MISS SARAH E., only dau. of JOHN VAN VECHTEN of Catskill.

Sept. 25, 1846

In Callikoon, Sunday, 13th inst. by Rev. Mr. Davis, IRA CANNON to MISS LOIS WHEELER.

At Ulsterville on 9th inst. by Rev. J. T. Demarest, WILLIAM H. OTIS of N. Y. to MISS ELIZABETH, dau. of SAMUEL ALLEN of the former place.

In Crawford, Orange County, 17th inst. by Wm. Jordan, Esq., C. M. BARKLEY to MISS SUSAN M. TERWILLIGER.

Oct. 2, 1846

At Woodburne, 20th inst. by Rev. G. Duryea, MEAD T. MORSS to Esther H., dau. of MATTHEW OLIVER, Esq. of former place.

In Lumberland, 26th ult. by Rev. D. F. Leach, JOHN P. SAUNDERS to MISS CAROLINE, dau. of ADAM WHITE, Esq.

At New Palts, Ulster Co., 27th Aug. by Rev. Mr. VanDeWoort, ELIJAH W. HAIGHT to MISS JANE CRAIG, all of that town.

Oct. 9, 1846

On 6th inst. by Rev. Mr. McJimsey, JAMES MILLER of Thompson, Orange Co. to MISS HULDA ANDREWS of Orange County.

Oct. 23, 1846

At Scarsburgh, 8th inst. by Rev. Mr. Leggett, GEORGE SHAFER to MISS ELLEN RANDALL, dau. of Jacob RANDALL all of Crawford, Orange Co.

Oct. 30, 1846

At Liberty, 10th inst. by Sherwood Hill, Esq., DAVID F. HURLBERT to MISS MARY HALL.


On Wed. 21st ult. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, JOHN N. MARSH to THIRZA KETCHAM.

By the same, 22nd inst. CHARLES WILLIAMS to KETURAH A. DRAKE.

At Wurtsboro, Thurs. 29th inst. by Rev. D. T. Wood, DR. WILLIAM H. DORRANCE of Middletown, Orange Co. to MISS CATHARINE M. BULL of former place.

In N. Y. 22nd inst. by Rev. J. P. Thompson, JOHN P. BANTA to MISS HENRIETTA STANLEY.

At Goshen, 22nd inst. by Rev. Mr. Page, HECTOR VAIL to MISS ANN E. DRAKE, all of that village.

Nov. 6, 1846.

In Thompson, 29th ult. Rev. E. K. Fowler, OZIAS F. SMITH to MISS CATHARINE A. SMITH.

Nov. 11, 1846.

On Wed. Dec 9 at res. of Dr. Botsford in this village, (omit)

Jan. 1, 1847

Last eve by Rev. Ira Ferris, JAMES KERR Jr. to Miss NANCY JANE HAZEN both of this town.

In Cochecton, Dec. 16, by Rev. R. Vansyckle, DR. J. A. CASTLE to MRS. FANNY SKINNER.

On 12th inst. by Rev. Felix Kyte, JOHN J. COURSAN to Miss MARGARET E. MIDDAGH.

In Monticello, Friday, 25th ult by Rev. James Adams, Hon. WILLIAM B. WRIGHT to Miss MARTHA ANN CRISSEY.

On Thursday eve 24th ult. by same LEWIS PARSONS to Miss NANCY dau. of Benjamin LITTS.

In Bethel on same day, JOHN SMITH to Miss MARGARET TIBBETTS all of Bethel.

Jan. 8, 1847

By Rev. Ira Ferris, Dec. 31, JON. W. ANDERSON of Rochester, Ulster Co. to Miss ANN ELIZA HOZIER, of Phillipsport in this town.

Jan. 15, 1847

In Wurtsboro, Wed. 13th inst. by Rev. John Johnson, ROBERT S. HALSTEAD, Esq. of Monticello to Miss MARY BULL of the former place.

Jan. 22, 1847

At Fallsburgh, 17th inst. Alfred Dutcher, Esq. - BRADLEY DIVINE to Miss ANN MASON.

In Liberty 10th inst. by Rev. Wm. Blake, RICHARD P. TAPPEN of Fallsburgh to Miss MARTHA A. BLISS of Liberty.

In Thompson, 13th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, GILBERT VARNEL to Miss PATIENCE VAN INWEGEN.

Jan. 29, 1847

At Monticello, Wed. 2yth inst. by Rev. I. G. Buryea, JOSIAH D. BRODHEAD of Woodburne to Miss CATHARINE A. BROWN of Monticello.

Near Finchville on Thurs. Jan. 21 by Rev. S. W. Mills, LEANDER DUNNING of Bloomingburgh to Sarah Jane Finch dau. of ZOPHER FINCH Esq. of Finchville.

At Fallsburgh by Rev. I. G. Duryea 24th inst. CYRUS WILSON of Fallsburgh to Miss MARY GRANT of Liberty.

At Poughkeepsie, 17th inst. by Rev. L. F. Walco, JOHN TOMPKINS of Forestburgh, Sull. Co. to Miss FRANCES BULLIS of former place.

In N. Y. 21st inst. by Rev. Bishop Hughes, WILLIAM KAGAN of Cochecton to Ann McLaughlan of Monticello.

Rev. P. C. Robertson, 13th inst. JOHN C. HOLLEY to Miss PHEBE E LINDERMAN.

Feb. 12, 1847

Near Wurtsboro, Wed. Feb. 3 by Rev. Mr. Hillman, HIRAM STANTON to JANE GUMAER, all of Mamakating.

Feb. 19, 1847

On 10th inst. by Rev. Mr. Newell, JAMES F. BOAK of Scotchtown, Orange co. to Miss MARTHA, eldest dau. of ABRAHAM VAIL Esq. of Franklin Sq., Orange Co.

Feb. 26, 1847

At Bethel, 17th inst. by Rev. W. B. Reeve, THOMAS RAMSEY to REBECCA LAWSON.

March 5, 1847

On 28th ult. in Ulster Co. by Jonathan W. Dubois, Esq. - DAVID MOORE of Neversink, Sull. Co. to Miss ELIZABETH DAVIS of Liberty, Sull. Co.

March 12, 1847

On 6th by Rev. H. Connell, G. D. GODFREY to Miss ANN E. DAVIS, all of Sullivan County.

March 19, 1847

At Cochecton, on Wed. 17th inst. by Rev. W. B. Reeve, JOHN P. ROOSA of Bethel to Miss HANNAH J. CALKIN of former place.

April 2, 1847

At Cochecton, on Wed. 17th inst. by Rev. W. B. Reeve, JOHN P. ROOSA of Bethel to Miss HANNAH J. CALKIN of former place.

At Philipsport 25th ult. by Rev. Isa Ferris, HIRAM KUYENDOLL to Miss MARGARET TERWILLIGER both of Mamakating.

At New Vernon 29th ult. by Elder Bebee, LEWIS DAVEDS of this town to Miss SARAH STEVENS of New Vernon.

In Pokeepsie 20th inst. EDWARD HOWE of Pokeepsie to Miss MARIETTA DAYTON, formerly of Sullivan County.

April 23, 1847

Tues. 20th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, STEPHEN HARRIS of Laurel, Md. To Miss ELIZA SCOTT, only dau. of Chas. Scott of this town.

By Rev. David Buck, 14th inst. PELEG F. VARNELL to Miss ELMIRA PINE all of Thompson.

By the same on same day TRUMAN SMITH to Miss SARAH A QUINLAN all of Thompson.

By Rev. N. B. Baldwin on 15th inst. DENNIS JOHNSTON to Miss HESTER BATES both of Thompson.

On 15th inst. by Rev. James Adams, JAMES ANGEVINE DEVOE to Miss ELLEN ELIZABETH CONANT.

Apr. 30, 1847

At Havana Chemung Co. 15th inst. by Rev. M. Huggins, Dr. JACOB S. FREER of this village to Miss SARAH JACKSON, of Havana.

In Calicoon 7th inst. by Jacob Quick, Esq., GEORGE HECTOR to ANN MARIA BOGART all of Callicoon.

May 7, 1847

In this village, Tues. 4th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, FRANCIS HAINS to Miss LAURA MILLER, both of N. Y.

On 29th ult. village of Spotswood, NJ by Rev. Wm. Knight, DANIEL SLOAN, Jr. of Key Port, formerly of Bloomingburgh to Miss ELIZABETH KNIGHT of Spotswood.

May 14, 1847

In this village Wed. 12th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, ELI HULTSLANDER to Miss SUSAN CATHARINE dau. Chas. TIERS.

At Fallsburgh, 5th inst. by Miles S. Ray, Esq., WILLIAM SARR to Miss CATHARINE HASBROUCK

May 28, 1847 On 16th inst. by James Johnson, Esq., LUTHER BENTON to Miss LAVINA EVITS; both of Neversink.

On 15th by same, SAMUEL HATCH to Mrs. POLLY COON of same town.

June 4, 1847

On Thurs. 27th ult. by Rev. H. Connelly, ABRAHAM GILLESPIE of Orange Co. to Miss CHRISTINA CRANS of Sullivan County.

June 18, 1847

In Monticello, May 19 by Rev. Mr. Adams, NEWMAN S. PINE to Miss HARRIET CAROLINE VARNEL.

At Bethel on 3d inst. by Rev. Wm. B. Reeve, RAY HORTON of Liberty to Miss CATHERINE HOLLADAY of Bethel.

In Monticello, 5th inst. by Rev. Wm. J. Wiggins, GEORGE SIMMONS to Miss JANE LABARR, all of Lumberland.

June 25, 1847

In Neversink, 17th inst. Jonathan Brundage Esq - DANIEL T SARR to Miss DELILA PORTER.

July 2, 1847

On 24th inst. by Oliver Seeley Esq - SIMON W. DEPUT to Miss SARAH GRAY both of Wawarsing, Ulster Co.

On 17th ult. Rev. James Birch, BENJAMIN MILLSPAUGH of Thompson to Miss LAURA SMITH of Fallsburgh.

July 9, 1847

In Trinity Church, N. Y. June 30 by Rt. Rev. Wm. H. Delancy, Bishop of Western NY the REV. GEORGE W. TIMLOW, Rector of Grace Church of Middletown to Miss CAROLINE E., dau. of Dr. Z. WOOD of Ramapo, NY.

July 16, 1847

In Fallsburgh, June 27th by Rev. J. G. Duryea, ISAAC KNAPP to Miss ANN DEPUY.

On 4th inst. by same, BENJAMIN SCHOONMAKER to Miss DELIA KRUM both of Liberty, NY.

On 5th inst. by Rev. James Petrie, JOHN T. BROWN to Miss JANE BLOOMER both of Liberty.

In Callicoon, 4th inst. by Jacob Quick, Esq. - HENRY ROSE to Miss CHRISTEAR FREDERICH all of Calliccoon.

On June 27, by Thomas S. Ward, Esq. - WILLIAM DYKMAN to Miss ABPLANOLPH both of Cochecton.

In Mamakating 25th ult. by Rev. N. B. Baldwin - JOHN FELTER to Miss ABBY HIGBY.

July 23, 1847

On 18th inst. by Rev. James Adams - JHO M. LIVINGSTON of N. Y. to MAGDALENA S., dau. of Jno S. FRASER, Esq. of Monticello.

July 30, 1847

In NYC 19th inst. by Rev. Mr. Hardenburgh - HARRISON MILLER formerly of this place to Miss JANE RENTON of N. Y.

Aug. 6, 1847

In Wurtsboro, 2nd inst. by Rev. Mr. Hillman, MICHAEL N. HOLMES to Miss HELEN PINE, all of above pllace.

At Danville 21st inst. by Rev. R. Vansyckle - ICHABOR B. CARMICAL of Sull. Co. to Miss REBECCA G. VAN SYCLE of the former place.

In N. Y. on 3d inst. by Rev. Thos. Dewitt, CHARLES F. HUNTER to Miss JULIA M. N. ZABRISKIE.

Aug. 13, 1847

In Monticello 7th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, ROBERT EMBLEY to Miss PHEBE CARPENTER; both of Burryville, Sull. Co.

On 28th inst. Thomas S. Ward, Esq. - PHILIP J. HELT of Callicoon to Miss CATHARINE ROW of same place.

Aug. 27, 1847

In Neversink on 15th inst. by Rev. Thomas Larcom - JOSEPH B. HOAG of Rockland, formerly of Vt. To Miss ANNA, dau. of Levi TOWNSEND of Neversink.

On same day by Rev. Nathan Benedict, STEPHEN TOWNSEND to Miss CHARITY QUICK, all of Neversink.

Sept. 10, 1847

At Monticello, 31st ult. Rev. P. C. Robertson, GEORGE W. LORD, Esq. to Miss HARIETTE P. LINDERMAN.

At Montague, N. J. 2nd inst. by Rev. W. G. Wiggins, ELISHA WELLS of Lumberland to Miss HANNAH JANE VANNOY, of former place.

At Monticello, 2d inst. Rev. Edward K. Fowler, CORNELIUS SHEELEY to Miss SARAH VANDEMARK.

At Liberty 6th inst. by same, CAPE REUBEN HALL to Miss HANNAH, widow of late PHILO BUCKLEY.

Sept. 24, 1847

Riversine, Ulster Co. 14th inst. by Rev. J. J. Bowden, RICHARD OLIVER, Esq. of Fallsburgh, Sull. Co. to MARY E., dau. of William WARING of former place.

In Thompson, Sull. Co. 18th inst. by Rev. Jonathan Davies, HONELY MOORE of N. Y. to Mrs. CLARISSA BAKER, dau. of William VANDEWATER of the city of N. Y.

Oct. 1, 1847

Liberty on Monday last by Rev. E. K. Fowler, RICHARD HOWE to Miss LYDIA ANN KYLE, dau. of N. F. Kyle of above place.

Oct. 8, 1847

In this village 18th ult. by Rev. Mr. Mills, ALFRED HORTON to ADELINE WHEAT.

In Monticello, 15th ult. at Temperance House in that village by Rev. Wm. Blakc, STEPHEN STANTON to HARRIET BUSH all of Liberty.

In same village 8th inst. Rev. I. G. Duryea, DAVID B. FORRINGTON of Wawarsing, to MARY V. MANY of Neversink.

Oct. 15, 1847

At Crawford, Orange Co. wed last by Rev. John H. Leggett, THEODORE GOLDSMITH of Montgomery to Miss JENETT BRUSH of former place.

At Ellenville, Ulster Co. 6th inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayres. MATHEW D. FREER to Miss MELISSA C. BLOOMER, both of former place.

In Warwick, Wed. eve last by Rev. Mr. Vaneever, UTLEY HARE of Montgomery to JANE H. SLAUGHTER of former place.

At Otisville, 7th inst. by Rev. Mr. Turner, ISAAC M. SEYBOLT to MARY CAROLINE, dau. of F. A. SEYBOLT all of Mount Hope.

At Ellenville on 11th inst. by Rev. Ira Ferris, JOHN A. MINOR to CAROLINE M. RICE, both of Fallsburgh.

Oct. 22, 1847

N. Y. City Wed. 13th inst., HENRY M. WEED to MARY ELIZABETH MARSH.

N. Y. C. by Rev. Mr. Hatfield, Hon. H. R. MORRIS to ELIZABETH BANKS both of Wurtsboro, Sull. Co.

Oct. 29, 1847

By Rev. Ira Ferris, 2nd inst. THOMAS J. PORTER of Crawford, Orange Co. to Miss MARY W. COX of Wawarsing, Ulster Co.

By same on 6th inst., REV. WM. G. WIGGINS of N. J. to CAROLINE WESTON, dau. of Rev. Horace Weston of Ellenville.

By same 17th inst. ROBERT S. SHERWOOD to Miss LOISA SCORESBY, dau. of Dr. Scoresby, both of Ellenville.

In Bethel, 20th inst. by Rev. Edward K. Fowler, JOHN VAN KUREN to HELEN JANE, dau. of David ROMER.

Nov. 12, 1847

Barton, Tioga Co., Oct. 27 - JONATHAN DICKERSON formerly of Crawford, Orange Co., to SUSAN ANN ALLBRIGHT of former place.

Nov. 19, 1847

In Liberty on Tues. last by Rev. Edward Fowler - GEORGE DENNISTON of Fallsburgh to ELIZABETH, dau. of Dr. Blake WELLS of former place.

In Monticello, 11th inst. by Rev. James Petrie, TALCOTT B. YOUNG to SALLY CURTIS, both of Liberty.

In Wurtsboro, 3d inst. by Rev. Mr. Hilman, JAMES GUMAER to HARRIET DORRANCE both of Wurtsboro.

Nov. 26, 1847

In Rockland, Sunday, 21st inst. by Amos Y. Sheley - MANLY SPRAGUE to JULIETT BARNHART both of Rockland.

Thurs. eve. 18th inst. NATHANIEL F. KILE, Esq - JAMES MIDPUGH to MARGARETT, dau. of David GARDNER all of Liberty.

Dec. 3, 1847

27th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston - HORTON HAUXHERST of Wawarsing, Ulster Co. to ANER KNAPP of Fallsburgh.

Wallkill, Nov. 24, ALFRED WELLER to NANCY MOORE, dau. of John Moore all of that town.

Dec. 10, 1847

In Liberty, Thursday, 2nd inst. by Nathaniel F. Kyle, HENRY CLUTE to ELIZABETH KNIGHT both of Callicoon.


4th inst. by same - STEPHEN E. TOPPING of Phillipsport to SUSAN HESTER, dau. of Rufus SCOTT of Burlingham.

Dec. 17, 1847

At Elmira, NY 30th ult. SAMUEL MASTEN formerly of Mamakating to Miss LUCINDA EVERETT, late of Van Burenville, Orange Co.

Nov. 21, 1847 by Rev. A. C. Fields, JOHN RUUDICK to CATHARINE A. GREEN both of Forestburgh.

Nov. 23 by same, ABRAHAM SEAMAN of Fallsburgh to Miss MARGARET KNOX of Thompson.

In Rockland, 5th inst. Joseph Mott - OLIVER BORDEN to KATHARINE DODGE both of Rockland.

Dec. 24, 1847

Crawford, Orange Co. Wed. eve by Rev. Mr. Leggett, KEELER NORRIS of Mamakating in this co. to CATHARINE JANE SCHOONMAKER of former place.

In this village on Thurs. eve Rev. S. W. Mills - JAMES GARVIN to SARAH SINSABAGH both of Bloomingburgh

Monticello, 1st inst. by Rev. Wm. Blakce - ERASTUS WILSON to LOUISA BARTON both of Liberty.

In same village 2nd inst. by same - WILLIAM TURNER to EUNICE H. ATWELL, both of Thompson.

At same place 5th inst. by Rev. Jas. Petrie - NATHANIEL B. HILL, JR. to NANCY E. GARRETT, both of Liberty.

In same place 8th inst. by same EVERTE TERWILLIGER of Neversink to Miss MARIA TURNER of Fallsburgh.

Dec. 31, 1847

Wurtsboro, Sat. 25th by Dr. J. Hollister, LEWIS CORWIN to HANNAH ELIZABETH PENNEY both of Wurtsboro.

Jan. 7, 1848

On 5th inst. at Crawford, Orange Co. by Rev. H. Connelly, FREDERICK SHAFER to Miss HARRIET LINDERMAN both of that town.

On 2nd inst. by George G. Dewitt, COLLINS GORTON of Callicoon to REBECCA ANN, dau. of Peter PALMATIER of Liberty.

Jan. 14, 1848

At Woodbury, Conn. 2nd inst. by Rev. Mr. Putnam, Col. EDWARD YOUNG of Liberty to Mrs. CAROLINE DAYTON of former place.

By Rev. H. Connelly 12th inst. HEZEKIAH TUTHILL of Burlingham, Sull. Co. to Miss NANCY CANEVAUGH of Orange Co.

By same Oct. 8 last JOHN G. PUGSLEY of Bedford, Westchester Co. to MARY E. CANFIELD of Bedford Village, lately of Burlingham, Sull. Co.

30th ult. by Rev. James Petrie, HORACE BURR of Liberty to MARY BROWN of Neversink.

On 1st inst. by Rev. James Petrie, DAVID WHITLOCK to OLIVE ROBINSON, both of Liberty.

On 23d ult. by Rev. A. C. Fields, DANIEL T. MARTIN to LYDIA SHAW both of Liberty.

On 1st inst. at Coohecton by same, W. ROWLEY to ELIZABETH RESDORPH.

In Liberty 30th ult. by Sherwood Hill, CHARLES BRYAN of Brookfield, Ct. to ABIGAIL L. ROBERTSON of Liberty.

In Liberty on 1st by Elder Henry David, ABNER A. KNAPP to HARRIET HARE.

By same on 1st inst. DAVID SMITH to Mrs. H. TAYLOR.

On 30th ult. by Rev. James W. Wood, J. H. F. BROSS to MARGARET S. COX.

Jan. 24, 1848


On Wed. Jan. 12th by Rev. Jonathan DeVies, DANIEL E. WICKS to ANN ELIZA CLEMENTS both of Liberty.

Jan. 28, 1848

18th inst. by Rev. R. P. Lee, FREDERICK ROAL of Crawford, 75 to HARRIET SINSABAUGH of Montgomery, 22.

27th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, GEORGE EVENS of Shawangunk, Ulster Co. to PHEBE VAN KEUREN of Crawford.

Lumberland, 22nd inst. by Rev. W. C. Wiggins, DANIEL C. HAZEN of Forestburgh to MARY WHITE of Lumberland.

By same at Monticello, GEORGE WRIGHT to ELIZABETH DEBRON both of Forestburgh.

Feb. 18, 1848

Rev. Mr. Fowler 30th ult. CLINTON V. R. LUDINGTON to ELIZABETH, dau. of Capt. STEPEN HAMILTON all of Thompson.

By same Wed. last, WALTER GRAY to JANE C. WHEELER.

At Monticello, 4th inst. Justice Sherwood Hill, JACOB ACKERMAN to THERESE RAPP both of Lumberland.

Mar. 3, 1848

28th ult. by Rev. Ira Ferris, SAMUEL BROWN to Mrs. SARAH BROWN all of Brownville, Sull. Co.

Mar. 10, 1848

At Burlingham, Feb. 19, EDWARD M. DIETZ to SALLY N. SCOTT, dau. of Rufus Scott all of Burlingham.

In this village on Thurs. 9th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, SOLOMON HALL to REBECCA PELTON.

In Rockland, 24th ult. Joseph Mott, THERON APPLY of Hancock, Delaware Co. to LOUISIANN HODGE of Rockland. (In pencil in margin - Feb.)

In Thompson, 23d ult. by Rev. Mr. Blake, AUGUSTUS CLARK to ANN LOVETT both of that town. (In pencil in margin - Feb.)

By same on 27th ult. ISAAC HODGE to CORNELIA MISNER, both of Neversink. (In pencil in margin - Feb.)

On 1st inst. by Rev. A. C. Field, WILLIAM D. STATTON to CAREOLINE E. FULLER both of Fallsburgh. (In pencil in margin - Mar.)

On 8th inst. by Rev. Mr. Brown, GABRIEL VAN COTT to DELIA MARSTON all of N. Y. C.

11th inst. by Rev. Wm. Wiggings, JAS. CARPENTER of Deerpark, NY to LYDIA J. TUTTLE of Lumberland, Sull. Co.

On 14th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, JAMES CLARK to FRANCES HOLLISTER.

Apr. 14, 1848

On 5th inst. by Rev. J. McJimsey, CHARLES H. WINFIELD to NANCY J. CRAWFORD of Montgomery.

Apr. 21, 1848

At Fallsburg on Wed. last by Rev. E. K. Fowler, ORNAN PALEN to CAROLINE 3rd dau. of late Thomas S. LOCKWOOD.

In Minisink on the 13th inst. Mr. OSMER B. GREEN of Otisville to Miss HARRIET THORNE of the former place.

Apr. 28, 1848

On the 22nd inst. by J. W. Dubois, BLAKE MOORE to JANE HALL, all of Neversink.

May 12, 1848

On the 25th ult. by Rev. A. C. Fields, JOHN GULNACK of Thompson to Miss PHEBE PIERCE, late of Newburgh.

May 26, 1848

On 3d inst. by Rev. Mr. Prime, GEORGE E. PUTNEY of Hamptonburgh and Miss MARY O. GOLDSMITH of Walkill.

June 2, 1848

In Callicoon on May 5th by Thomas S. Ward; MICHAEL TAYLOR of Pa. to MARIBA GEER of former place.

By the same on same day, WILLIAM LAIRN to Miss PHEBE CALL, both of Pa.

June 23, 1848

In Montgomery on 3d inst. by Rev. R. P. Lee, JAMES W. SEARS to Miss ISABELLA TRACY.

July 7, 1848

At Delhi on 27th ult. by Rev. J. Wynkoop, HOWARD THOMPSON of Orange Co. to Miss SARAH J. MEIGS of former place.

At Grahamsville 29th ult. NATHAN CLARK to Miss CLARISSA CHILDS dau. of Richard D. Childs.

At Monticello on 3d inst. by Rev. James Birch, EDMUND QUINLAN to Miss WELTHA HUNTINGTON, both of Thompson.

In Williamsburgh 1st inst. by Justice Craft, ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS of Poughkeepsie to Miss CATHARINE DE WOLF of Bristol, R. I.

July 14, 1848

In Cochecton on 2nd inst. by Alex. Brown, DAVID SCUDDER of Damascus, Pa., to Miss SARAH ANN LAYMAN of former place.

Aug. 4, 1848

On 6th ult. by Rev. James Demarest, CONRADT SHEELY to Miss SARAH DE WITT, all of Wawarsing, Ulster Co.

Aug. 11, 1848

On 5th inst. by Rev. Edward K. Fowler, EDWARD FOWLER BUCKLEY to Miss HESTER ANN PURVIS.

At Behtel by Rev. Wm. B. Reeve, JOHN D. SMITH to Miss MARY REYNOLDS both of Liberty.

Aug. 18, 1848

At Albany by Rev. Dr. Welch, Hon. IRA HARRIS to Mrs. PAULINE RATHBONE.

Sept. 1, 1848

At Monticello, on Thursday last by Rev. O. Whiston, THOMAS D. COLEMAN to Miss HARRIET M. GRAY, both of Thompson.

Sept. 8, 1848

At Newburgh, Aug. 30, by Rev. John Johnson, JAMES G. BELKNAP of N. Y. to Miss LOUISA, dau. of Thomas D. FISH.

At Middletown 24th ult. by Rev. Mr. Wood, DAVID EDWARDS, formerly of Newburgh to ELIZABETH TOTTEN of Middletown.

At Mount Hope, 23rd ult. by Rev. Mr. Edgar, LEWIS CUDDEBACK to Miss CARDDINE L., dau. of late Rev. Andrew THOMPSON.

Sept 15, 1848

ALVIN MISNER to Miss ELIZABETH M. LYON, both of Callicoon.

At Phillipsport, 14th inst. by Rev. A. C. Hillman, J. TERWILLIGER to Miss SARAH SHERWOOD, all of that place.

Sept. 22, 1848

By Rev. N. B. Baldwin, 7th inst. ROBERT L. LOVELETT to SARAH N. FIELD, bo th of Thompson.

Near Bloomingburgh, 14th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, JAMES HORTON of Liberty to ELIZABETH CREAMER, of former place.

On 13th inst. Rev. John Davy, SAMUEL MOREHOUSE of Walton to HETTY LEROY of Liberty.

Oct. 13, 1848

Oct. 5th, by Rev. S. W. Mills, ,JOHN WELLER WILKIN to MARY JANE RANDOLPH, dau. of Newton F. Randolph, both of Walkill.

At Norfolk, 27th ult. by Rev. Mr. Eldridge, GEORGE BENNETT of Monticello to ELIZA PHELPS of Norfolk, Conn.

On 2nd inst. at Democratic Ridge, by Rev. Nathan S. Sacket, RICHARD CLARK HERRICKSON of Grassy Swamp, Lumberland, Sull. Co. to FANNY GORDON of Cuddlebackville, Orange Co.

Oct. 20, 1848

Saturday last by Rev. E. K. Fowler, WILLIAM BEACH to HARRIET LITTS, both of Liberty.

At Tannersville, 5th inst. Rev. N. B. Baldwin, ALFRED BATES to Miss MARY E. AVERY, dau. of Capt. Isaac R. & Ann Avery.

Thursday last by Rev. E. K. Fowler, ROBERT L. HUMPHREY to SARAH ANN NOWELL, both of Liberty Falls.

Oct. 12th by Rev. John Davy, JAMES D. GRAY to MATILDA ANN STEWART of Liberty.

Burlingham, 14th inst. Rev. T. Lodge, CYRENUS C. ELMENDORPH to HANNAH M. LEWIS both of this town.

Oct. 27, 1848

Wed. 25th inst. by the lady's father, C. M. LAWRENCE to EMILY S., dau. of Rev. Thomas B. GREGORY, all of Grahamsville, Sull. Co. N. Y.

At Bethel on 11th inst. by Rev. P. G. Robertson, GEORGE G. HUNTINGTON of Thompson to JOSEPHINE LOUISA CALLBREATH of Bethel.

On 14th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, ROBERT WATSON to CHRISTINA CASE both of this village.

By same on 14th inst. JAMES H. CROSSMAN to CHARLOTTE PEABODY both of Fallsburgh.

Nov. 3, 1848

On 1st inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, HENRY B. CONE of Geneva to ESTHER ANN FRANCE of Crawford, Orange Co.

At Monticello, Sat. Oct. 21st by Miles S. Ray, JOHN BERRYEN formerly of Lloyd, Ulster Co. to SUSAN VAN GORDEN of Liberty.

Same place, Tuesday, Oct. 24, by Rev. John Davy, DR. ORSON J. CRANE of Liberty to ANN VAN INWIGEN of Thompson.

At Kingston 31st ult. by Rev. C. Shook, ROBERT AKERLEY of Neversink to ANN AKERLEY of Kingston.

At Kingston, 13th ult. by Rev. W. S. Mikels, JOHN H. THOMPSON of Woodburne Sull. Co. to ELIZABETH DARLING of Kingston.

Nov. 10, 1848

At Monticello, Sunday last by Rev. Edward K. Fowler, GEORGE MAPEDORAM to EVELINE ADAMS.

At Bethel, Oct. 6 by Rev. P. C. Robertson, LEATHAM TEAZ of N. Y. to HELEN ANN CALLBREATH, dau. of Thomas Callbreath of Bethel.

At Bethel, Nov. 2 by same, JOHN KNOX STEWART to BARBARA DUNLAP, dau. of Hugh Dunlap of Bethel.

Town of Shawangunk, Thursday, 2nd inst. by Rev. T. Lodge, JAMES P. RISBY to MARGARET E. CRUVER.

Nov. 17, 1848

At Monticello, 12th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, BANSFORD GOODWIN of Troy, Pa. to ELIZABETH T. FIELDS of Monticello.

By the same 12th inst. ISAIAH P. MARKS to HENRIETTA FIELDS both of Troy, Pa.

At Crawford, 2nd inst. SAMUEL ARMSTRONG to MARIETT DICKERSON, both of Crawford.

At Newburgh on 2nd inst. by Rev. G. L. Gilder, CHARLES VAN BUREN of Kingston to ELIZA CATHARINE KEATOR of Newburgh.

At Hyde Park on 2d inst. by Rev. Dr. Sherwood, HARISON SUDAM to HELEN, dau. of Robert L. TRONSON, both of Kingston.

Nov. 24, 1848

In Rondout, 14th inst. by Rev. Mr. Still, J. SYLVESTER DAVIS, of Kingston to AMANDA SLOAT, of former place.

At Shawangunk, 11th inst. THOMAS McELHONE to MARY VAN TASSELL.

Dec. 1, 1848

On Sunday, 19th ult., at Bullville, by Rev. T. Lodge, NATHANIEL FERRILL to MARY J. TORRY.

By same last Sat. 25th ult. at Burlingham, HENRY WATTS to DOLLY J. NEWKIRK.

In Monticello, Wed. last, Rev. E. K. Fowler, EDWARD PALEN of Fallsburgh to HELEN LOUISA BENNETT of former place.

On 23d ult. ZINN CHURCH in City of N. Y., Rev. Dr. Benjamin J. Haight, CAPT. PERRY B. BOWERS of Pomfret, Conn. To JENNETT L. RUSSELL, dau. of Judge Russell of Monticello.

Dec. 15, 1848

At Crawford, Orange Co., 23d ult., Rev. Mr. Demarest, HERMON HORTON of Burlingham, Sull. Co. to HARRIET CRAWFORD of former town.

On 7th inst. at Crawford, Rev. S. W. Mills, JOSEPH N. DECKER to NANCY ELIZA HULTSLANDER, dau. of Levi Hultslander, of former place.

By same on 9th inst. HARRISON GUNSELY of Wallkill to CHRISTINA ANN BAXTER of Minisink.

In Fallsburgh, 9th inst. by Rev. O. Whiston, GEORGE DEAN to SARAH TOMPKINS, both of Fallsburgh.

In Fallsburgh, 30th ult. Rev. N. B. Baldwin, REUBEN R. HALL to SARAH F. STRATTON, both of Fallsburgh.

On Nov. 2nd by Rev. I. G. Duryea, JOHN FULLER to MARY ANN KNOX, all of Fallsburgh.

On 29th by same, JOHN NEWKIRK to SARAH JOHNSON, both of Wawarsing, Ulster Co.

Dec. 29, 1848

In Fallsburgh at Parsonage, 20th inst. by Rev. J. C. Duryea, RILEY HILL of former place to CORNELIA E. WICKS of Liberty.

By same, JESSY C. HONSEE of Neversink to MARY ETT GILLETT of Fallsburgh.

Jan. 5, 1849

At County Poor House on Xmas by Rev. J. W. McKee, JAMES SPROUT of Neversink to LUCINDA TRACY of Mamakating.

Jan. 12, 1849

At Burlingham, 11th inst. Rev. Mr. Hillman, JOHN DECKER to MARY ROGERS.

Jan. 19, 1849

In Monticello, 9th inst. by Naaman W. Rumsey, CHARLES EDWARDS to BETSEY PRICE.

In this town, 23d ult. by Elder G. Beebe, THOMAS R. PALMER to CAROLINE COMFORT.

In N. Y. 6th inst. N. B. REEVES of Goshen to HARRIET McBRIDE of Montgomery.

At Mechanictown, 10th inst. Rev. H. Lounsberry, NATHANIEL C. WOOLLEY of New Paltz, Ulster County, N. Y. to CORNELIA MILLER of Middletown, Orange Co.

Jan. 26, 1849

On 2nd inst. Rev. F. Lummis, HECTOR C. SMITH of Brownville, Sull. Co. to MARY ANN VAN INSIGEN of Huguenot, Orange Co.

At Kingston, 9th inst. Rev. Mr. Hoos, JACOB W. DILLON to SARAH C. SARLER, all of that village.

In N. Y. 9th inst. Rev. Mr. Cocgran, J. O. BENNETT, formerly of Syracuse to Mrs. SARAH R. INGRAHAM, editress, Advocate of Moral Reform.

At Eddyville, 17th inst. Rev. W. S. Mikels, COE F. YOUNG, merchant, Barryville, Sull. Co., to MARY A. CORNELL, dau. of Peter Cornell of Rosendall.

By Rev. W. B. Baldwin on Jan. 13, JOHN KENNEY to CATHERINE ANN AVERY both of Thompson.

By same on 20th inst. JAMES GILDERSLEEVE, Jr. of Liberty to DELILAH HILL of Fallsburgh.

Feb. 2, 1849

At Hamptonburgh, Orange Co. on Thursday, let by Rev. Dr. Ezra R. Fairchild, GEORGE S. LITTLE, M. D. of this village to MARTHA PIERSON, dau. of Linus WEED of former place.

At Van Burenville 18th inst. Rev. Mr. Mills, JOHN T. MILLER to CATHERINE E. GALLOWAY.

At Van Burenville, 18th inst. Rev. Mr. Mills, JOHN T. MILLER to (repeated).

On Jan. 4th by Rev. C. L. VanDyck, JOHN B. ENDERLY to MARIA C. WOOD, both of Rochester.

On Jan. 18th by same, STEPHEN NORTH to IMOGENE DE LA MONTANYE, both of Olive.

On Jan. 10th at Mechanictown, by Rev. H. Lounsbury, NATHANIEL O. WOOLEY of New Paltz, to CORNELIA MILLER of Middletown, N. Y.

On Jan. 4th in Marbletown, by Rev. N. D. Benedict, JONATHAN H. BASTEN to ANN ELIZA PINE.

At same time and place, JOHN VAN KEREN to SARAH PINE all of Marbletown.

At same time and place, PHILIP I. ARETUS of Cairo to ISABELLA CUNNINGHAM of Marbletown.

On same eve. in Rosendale, JUSTIS MILLER of Wawarning to CATHARINE THOMPSON of Rosendale.

Feb. 9, 1849

In Middletown, 25th inst. Elder G. Beebe, CATO JAMES LYTLE to JANE FRACES ROBERTS, dau. of Henry P. Roberts, of above place.

In Minisink, 25th ult. NATHAN MILLS of Wallkill to JULIA DENTON, dau. of Isaac Denton.

In N. Y. C. 25th inst. Rev. S. Remington, CHARLES H. OLIVER of Walkill to CAROLINE MARTINE, dau. of John Martine of former place.

Feb. 16, 1849

13th inst. at N. Y. JOHN C. DIMMICK of S. Middletown, N. Y. to CHARLOTTE ROBERTS of N. Y. C.

In this town, 1st inst. Rev. T. Lodge, GEORGE MANCE to MARY E. CARMEN.

At Bethel, 7th inst. by Rev. Wm. James Blain, THOMAS B. HORTON to AMELIA DURYEA, dau. of Garret Duryea.

In Monticello, 8th inst. by Rev. N. B. Baldwin, JOHN THOMAS to BETSY RUDICK, both of Forestburgh.

By same 10th inst. JOHN A. MILLER to SYBIL STANTON of Lumberland.

In Thompson, 6th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, HIRAM SHELP to ANNICE BEVIER.

By same at Fallsburgh, 8th inst. JAMES H. STRATTON to DEBORAH GRAY.

At Ellenville, 10th inst. Rev. Mr. Ayres, BLAKE W. HENDRICKSON of Fallsburgh to ELIZABETH UPHAM of Ellenville.

In this village 8th inst. Rev. S. W. Mills, JOSEPH M. CRANE to HANNAH M. OGDEN both of Bloomingburgh.

Feb. 23, 1849

By Rev. N. B. Baldwin, on Feb. 17th, JOHN V. ENNIS to EMELYNE WHEAT both of Forestburgh.

March 2, 1849

At Liberty on 21st ult. by Rev. Edward K. Fowler, DAVID M. THOMPSON to GRACE WALES, dau. of Dr. Blake Wales.

At house of George Dorrahue in Wurtsboro, 25th ult. by Dr. John Hollister, JAMES S. DIVINE of Liberty, N. Y. to Miss CORNELIA WALSH of Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y.

In Phillipsport on 15th ult. by Rev. Mr. Newman, HORACE W. DAVED to ANN ELIZA PATMORE.

In this village 22nd ult. by Rev. S. W. Mills, COSPER C. CRANE to MELINDA H. OGDEN, both of Bloomingburgh.

In Monroe 14th ult. by Rev. Dr. McCartee, JOHN K. ROE to MARY E. STICKNEY.

Jan. 26th at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio by Rev. Jno. Scott, RUSSELL F. LORD of Honesdale, Pa. to LIZZIE M. SCOTT, dau. Rev. Dr. Scott of Mt. Pleasant.

At Wurtsboro on Jan. 27th by Rev. A. C. Hillman, HENRY WLADT to Mrs. URSULA CASPAR.

At same place Feb. 22 by same, JOSIAH KUYKENDALL to SARAH A. VAN DUZOR, dau. of Obed.

At Westbrookville Feb. 28 by same, REUBEN DE WITT of Wawarsing, BELINDA WESTBROOK, dau. of Peter.

At Phillipsport Dec. 6, 1848, by same, HARRISON H. STANTON to HARRIET BUDD, dau. of Peter.

March 9, 1849

At Ellenville 3d inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayers, COE LITTLE of Phillipsport, MARY E. TOPPING of same place.

On 26th ult. ELI H. REYNOLDS formerly of Monticello, MARY BIRDSELL of Ulster Co.

March 16, 1849

At Ellenville, 3d inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayers, COE LITTLE of Phillipsport to MARY E TOPPING of same place. (repeated).

At New Vernon 24th ult. Elder Beebe, JAMES EASTON to ELIZABETH CORWIN, dau. of Horton Corwin.

On 7th inst. by Rev. James Petrie, ALEXANDER TASCY to MARY E. CARPENTER both of Bethel.

March 23, 1849

15th inst. Rev. James Petrie, BLAKE W. GREGORY to HARRIET PARLIMAN, both of Liberty.

In Bloomingburgh, 21st inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, ELIAS T. REDFIELD to SUSAN CRANE, all of above village.

March 30, 1849

Astor House, N. Y. 13th inst. JOHN JAMES WHITED to SARAH JARVIS, dau. of William B. of Newburgh.

April 6, 1849

Sloatsburgh, 3d inst. by Rev. G. W. Timlow, G. M. ANDERSON of Hackensack, N. J. to LOUISA L. SLOAT, dau. of Jacob.

April 20, 1849

Liberty 15th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, SUMNER JANES to LORANA, wid. Of late Fanton SHERWOOD.

At Cochecton 3d inst. by Rev. Mr. Field, JOHN BRYAN to Mrs. JANE HILL.

April 27, 1849

At Brownville 19th inst. by Rev. T. Lodge, HENRY HILL to L. P. BROWN, dau. of Alex.

19th inst. by Rev. John Davy, THOMAS DIXON of Cochecton, to SALLY JANE ROULSTON of Bethel.

On 18th inst. Rev. C. Shook, ALONZO NICHOLS to PHILIS McGEORGE, dau. of Wm.; all of Kingston.

At Capeville, Town Wawarsing, 2nd inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayres, JOSEPH S. OAKLEY of Burlingham, Sull. Co. to HANNAH WOLCOTT of former Place.

By same 5th inst. Ellenville, HIRAM QUIMBY to RACHEL M. LOW both of Napanoch.

In Manville, R. I. on Apr 11th by Rev. Mr. Penny, Gen. LESLIE COMBS of Lexington, Ky., MARY E. MAN of Cumberland, R. I.

May 11, 1849

At Wurtsboro, 5th inst. by Rev. A. O. Hillman,k ELIJAH FITCH of Liberty to ESTHER SMITH, dau. of late James D.

In N. Y. 25th ult. by Rev. Dr. Hutton, WILLIAM TAYLOR to ADELINE ROBERTS, dau. late Capt. Samuel; all of N. Y.

In Brooklyn, 21st ult. JAMES CASSIDY of N. Y. to ADELIA EVERSON, dau. of late Chas. Of Walkill.

At Westport, Conn. Tuesday last by Rev. Mr. Ballou, REUBEN B. TOWNER of Monticello to MARTHA BAKER of former place.

In Saburgh 2nd inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, DAVID BUDD of Phillipsport to CYNTHIA JANE ADAMS of former place.

At Glen Wild, March 31st by Sturges Andrews, PHINEAS STODDARD of Greenfield, Ulster Co. to CAROLINE COUCH of former place.

May 18, 1849

On 9th inst. by Rev. Mr. Shaw of Coldenham, JOHN SEIBERT - MARY ELLEN ELDER both of Newburgh.

At Dolsentown, 8th inst. Rev. O. M. Johnson, Rev. NATHANIEL ELMER of Factoryville, Tioga County to MARY POST, dau. of Capt. James Post of former place.

In Goshen, on 1st inst. by Rev. W. A. Westcott, HUDSON L. WILLIAMS, Esq. of Warwick to CYNTHIA CARR of Minisink.

On 27th ult. by Rev. Mr. Lewis, EPENETUS HOWELL of Amity to MARTHA COLEMAN of New Windsor.

On 12th ult. Lower Green River, Columbia Co., by Rev. E. S. Porter, JAMES ADAMS, Principal of Blooming Grove Academy, Orange Co. to MARIA H. TYLER of former place.

In Newburgh on 14th inst. by Rev. J. L. Glider, JAMES DIXON to MARY JANE ADAMS, all of former place.

In Monticello, 8th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, Dr. B. G. McCABE to RHODA TOWNER, all of above place.

On 3rd inst. JOHN TAYLOR of Parksvillle to MARY ANN COMFORT of Bethel.

May 25, 1849

On 20th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, ISAAC BLOOMER to RACHEL M. SMITH, all of Phillipsport.

June 1, 1849

At New Brunswick, N. J., May 23rd by Rev. Geo. Schenck, Rev. CHAS. H. STITT, Pastor of Ref. D. Church of New Paltz to MARGARET ACKEN of former place.

At Newburgh, 24th ult. Rev. John Gray, HENRY J. FOWLER to ELIZA J. LEWIS, all of that village.

On 1st ult. by Rev. James Petrie, MARTIN SCHOONMAKER to HULDAH YOUNG of Williamsburg, L. I.

By the same 23d ult. SANFORD PARSONS to HARRIET GRISWOLD, both of Liberty.

On 26th ult. by Rev. Samuel P. Parker, J. T. HEADLEY to ANNA A. RUSSEL of N. Y.

June 8, 1849

On 3d inst. by H. R. Ludington, Esq., GILBERT KNAPP to PHEBE HELEN MISENER, all of Fallsburgh.

On 17th ult. by Rev. Dr. Lansing, GEO. GIFFORD, formerly of New Paltz to ELEANOR C. VAN RAMST, all of N. Y.

On 24th ult. 2nd Presby. Ch. By Rev. John Gray, HENRY J. FOWLER to ELIZA J. LEWIS, all of Newburgh.

At Walden 21st ult. Rev. R. P. Lee, Dr. THOMAS MILLSPAUGH to CAROLINE SCOTT, all of above place.

In Warwick, 21st ult. by Rev. F. Vanderveer, CHAUNCEY WILLIAMS to JOANNA VAN DUZER, dau. of late Benjamin.

June 15, 1849

At Crawford, Orange Co., Wed. morning last by Rev. Dr. McJimsey, Rev. D. C. McVEAN to MARY JANE GILLESPIE, dau. of Abram.

On the Barrens, 9th inst. by Rev. Adee Vail, HENRY WAKEMAN of Bloomingburgh to Mrs. NANCY HARRIS of former place.

At Liberty House 25th ult. by R. Y. Grant, Esq., JUDSON CARPENTER of Forestburgh, to CAROLINE SHIMER of Lumberland.

On 17th ult. by Rev. Isaac G. Duryee, ALBERT LOUNSBERY to ELLEN ACHMOODY, all of Fallsburgh.

31st ult. by same JOHN ALRIDGE to JANE VAN AKEN both of Upper Neversink.

June 22, 1849

In Crawford, 13th inst. by Rev. Mr. McJimsey, Rev. D. C. McVEAN to MARY JANE GILLESPIE (repeated).

June 29, 1849

19th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, H. F. WELLS to MARIA LAWRENCE, both of Thompson, Sull. Co.

At Phillipsport, 21st inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayres, WILLIAM H. STRINGHAM to MARY JANE CAMPBELL both of Wurtsboro.

July 6, 1849

Hon. ANDREW STEVENSON of Va. married Thursday last at Georgetown, D. C., MARY SHAAF, 3d dau. late Dr. Shaaf of Maryland.

July 13, 1849

In Monticello, 3d inst. by Rev. James Adams, GAYLORD G. HYDE of Floyd, Columbia Co., Wis. to MARIA C. BEERS of Thompson, Sull. Co.

July 4, 1849 by Rev. John Davy at White Lake, WILLIAM H. BENEDICT of town of Danbury, Ct. to ELCEY P. FITCH of Bethel.

July 4, Rev. James Petrie, HENRY A. MOULIS to MARY E. WHITNEY formerly of Greenfield, Ulster Co.

In Wurtsboro, July 6, by Dr. J. Hollister, SEPTER J. HOLLEY to SUSAN RODGER, all of this town.

In Neversink, 4th inst. Rev. Mr. Davie, ELISHA MILLER - CATHARINE SMITH.

June 20, 1849

At New Brunswick, Rev. Mr. Currie, Rev. JOHN W. HAMMOND of Grahamsville, Sull. Co. to MARY VOORHEES of former place.

Thursday, 28th ult. by Rev. C. Hillaman, SAMUEL F. SMITH to MARGARET GUMAER, oldest dau. of Wm., all of Wurtsboro.

July 27, 1849

By Thos. S. Ward, Esq. in Callikoon, June 5th, HIRAM BUNDEL - REBECCA SPARKS, both of same place.

At Thompson, 22nd inst. Rev. K. Fowler, DANIEL KERR to CAROLINE AUGUSTA CANFIELD, both of Thompson.

July 28 of Oberlin, O. by Rev. Dr. Mahan, WILLIAM C. NORTH of Boston to ANNA JENNISON MAHAN, dau. of officiating clergyman.

Aug. 3, 1849

At Milton, Ulster Co., 12th ult. Rev. Mr. Hall, HENRY CONKLIN formerly of Orange Co., to MARY E. CARPENTER of former place.

Aug. 10, 1849

5th inst. Alfred Dutcher, Esq., JOHN DIVINE of Liberty Falls to HELEN MISNER of Fallsburgh.

29th ult. by Miles S. Ray, Esq., BENJAMIN METIER to MARY JANE LOW, all of Fallsburgh.

4th inst. by Rev. James Adams, CORNELIUS BILYOU to MARGARET MISNER, all of Thompson.

Aug. 24, 1849

By Rev. E. K. Fowler, 18th inst. JOHN TRISTAM to SUSAN POWER, both of Hartwood.

In Monticello, 17th inst. by Rev. Wm. Bloomer, JAMES D. BOWERS of Fallsburgh to HILA ANN DEMOREST of Thompson.

In Honesdale, 2d ult. R. M. GRENEL, Esq. of that place to MARY JANE McCARTER, dau. of Alex. Of S. Middletown.

Aug. 31, 1849

At Liberty 19th inst. by Rev. John Davy, BENJAMIN LAWSON to RUTH E. COMFORT, both of Bethel.

On 2nd inst. by Rev. Jos. Bullivant, THEODORE CONEY to SARAH SIMPSON, both of Bethel.

By same 19th inst. PETER WORMUTH of Callicoon to GRACE RAMSEY, wid. late James Ramsey of Bethel.

At Narrowsburgh, 23d inst. by Esq. Hughes, WILLIAM CROSBY of Cochecton to SUSAN INGRAM, dau. of Lawrence of above place.

Sept. 7, 1849

Fallsburgh 27th ult. Rev. Edw. K. Fowler, AMOS AVERY - MARIA WAKEMAN.

At Liberty 1st inst. WILLIAM D. SISSON of Monticello to ANGELINE C. ECKERT of Bethel.

Sept. 14, 1849

Monticello, 12th inst. by Rev. O. Whiston, GRANDISON RAYMOND to CECELIA HALL both of Liberty.

Montgomery, Orange Co., 4th inst. by Rev. Wm. Blain, Rev. WM. JAMES BLAIN of Bethel, Sull. Co. to MARY LOUISA GRAHAM, dau. of Wm. of former place.

On 19th inst. by Rev. John E. Boyd, JARED IRWIN of Cochecton to CATHERINE E. BLOOMFIELD of same place.

At White Lake, 6th inst. by Rev. P. C. Robertson, JAMES TYLER to ELEANOR LASLEY, both of Damascus, Pa.

Monticello, 6th inst. by Rev. Wm. Bloomer, PETER MATTHEWS to CAROLINE ENNES (EAMES?), both of Forestburgh.

At Forestburgh, 8th inst. by same, ROBERT H. PIERCE of Lumberland to EMMA E. MATTHEWS of former place.

Near Van Burenville, Orange Co. 6th inst. by Rev. D. T. Wood, BAZALEEL SEELEY of S. Middletown, to MARY ANN HOYT of former place.

Sept. 22, 1849

In Baptist Church at New Vernon on Sunday morning last by Elder C. B. Hassell, WILLIAM L. PEEBE to ELLEN WELCH, dau. of Atwood Welch.

and OTIS CARMICHAEL to PHEBE ANN BEEBE, dau. of Elder Gilbert Beebe all of S. Middletown.

On 16th inst. by Rev. James Petrie, BENJAMIN GRANT to PARMELIA A. COOPER, all of Liberty.

In Monticello, 12th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, CHANCY COVENTRY to EUPHEMIA GATES, both of Liberty.

Sept. 28, 1849

Near this village on Wed. last by Rev. C. Isham, BENJ. DUNNING of Barryville to KESIAH BEYEA, dau. of James of Goshen.

At Little Britain, by Rev. Wm. Blain, AUGUSTUS THOMPSON, Esq. to CATHARINE HUNTER of former place.

In Monticello, 22nd inst. by Rev. E. Dennisson, B. T. BURNHAM of Thompsonville to ELLEN ROSABELLE ABRAMS of N. Y. C.

On 23d inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, ELIAS OLMSTEAD to MARY BARNUM, both of Monticello.

Oct. 12, 1849

In Middletown, 8th inst. CHARLES C. GENUNG to AGNES LEMON.

In Crawford 27th ult. DAVID McELHANY to ANN CONLY.

At Schoharie, C. H. by Rev. Ransford Wells, S. HOSACK MIX, editor of Schoharie Patriot, to MARGARET ELIZABETH GARDINER, eldest dau. of Perry G.

In Kingston, 6th inst. by Rev. J. C. F. Hoes, JANSEN HASBROUCK, Pres. of Roundout Bank, to CHARLOTTE OSTRANDER, dau. of Jonathan D. Ostrander.

Oct. 19, 1849

8th inst. in Monticello by Rev. Wm. Bloomer, ASHAEL HOLLISTER of Bethel to MARY JANE BURTON of Forestburgh.

29th ult. by Rev. Felix Kyte, CHARLES CROMWELL to ANN MARIA WILLIAMS of Forestburgh.

10th inst. at Bethel by Rev. John Davy, WILLIAM CROSS of Poughkeepsie to MARIA E. SMITH of Bethel.

Oct. 26, 1849

18th inst. by Rev. C. Isham, STEPHEN M. McCARTIE of Binghampton, to SARAH A. GOWDY of Wallkill.

18th by Elder John Mitchell, ALEXANDER B. MITCHELL of Cochecton to EMILY DODGE of Damascus, Pa.

18th at Bethel by Rev. Wm. J. Blain, JOHN PHILLIPS to ANN ELIZA SPRAGUE, all of Bethel.

Also SANFORD CLARK to MARTHA CARPENTER, both of Lumberland, (double wedding).

22nd inst. at Monticello by Rev. O. Whiston, LOUIS SCHUSTER of Greenfield to LYDIA M. CARPENTER of Fallsburgh.

Also CALVIN VAN BENSCHOTEN to Miss HARRIET S. ASHTON, both of Greenfield (double wedding).

Nov. 2, 1849

20th ult. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, PETER D. KING to SALLY ANN SILSBIE.

Nov. 16, 1849

At Bloomingsburgh, 14th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, ISAAC BEYEA of Crawford to ROSE L. WOOD, dau. of Cornelius.

At Van Burenville, 3d inst. by Elder G. Beebee, WARREN FINCH to ABIGAIL WELCH, both of Wallkill.

At Howels Depot 8th inst. by Elder G. Beebee, OBADIAH BEVANS to SARAH JANE WHEAT of Wallkill.

At Mamakating on Sat. last LEWIS BURNS to Mrs. ADELIA DICK.

7th inst. by Hon. James C. Curtis, JOHN INGRAHAM to SARAH JANE KNAPP, dau. of Walter; all of Cochecton.

Monticello, Nov. 7th by Rev. P. C. Robertson, WALTER H. STEVENS of Stevensville to HARRIET NIVEN, dau. of Daniel.

Monticello, Nov. 4th by Rev. Mr. Bloomer, ALFRED F. QUINLAN, Binghamton to HENRIETTA AMELIA HUNTINGTON.

Monticello 7th inst. by Rev. Edw. K. Fowler, HENRY SMITH to ELLEN J. RELYEA.

Monticello, Oct. 27th by Rev. F. Lummis, ABEL S. PALMER to JULIA E. TAYLOR, both of Forestburgh.

Monticello, 7th inst. Rev. E. Denniston, TRUMAN MOULTHROP of Cochecton to HANNAH WOOD of Liberty.

Monticello, Nov. 1, J. T. WEED of Bridgeville to CATHARINE SNYDER of Fallsburgh.

Nov. 30, 1849

Monticello, 24th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, SHAPLEY STODDER of Forestburgh to POLLY ANN MORSE of Thompson.

Kingston, 5th inst. by Rev. J. C. S. Hoes, JOHN W. LONGYEAR of Woodstock to MARIA VAN AKEN, dau. of Wm.

Bloomingburgh, 24th inst. by Rev. C. Isham, JOHN ANDERSON to MARY WILLIAMS.

Oct. 31 by Rev. N. H. Bangs, TIMOTHY BURDEN to DELIA ANN WILLIAMS, both of Callicoon.

Dec. 7, 1849

At Chehocton, Del. Co. 29th ult., by Wm. H. Mapes, PAUL A. TYLER of Lumberland to MARY A. TYLER of Cochecton, all of Sull. Co.

Dec. 14, 1849

5th inst. Rev. S. W. Mills, GEORGE BENNETT to SARAH E. LYBOLT, all of Mamakating.

Wed. morning last Rev. Mr. Kimball, LOUISA M. SEELY of Hemptonburgh, Orange Co. to LEONARD BIRDSALL of Yorktown, West. Co.

5th inst. Kingston, Rev. J. C. F. Hoes, F. ELMENDORF OSTRANDER of Prattsville (formerly of that place) to JANE RUSSELL, dau. of James of former village.

At Temperance Hotel, Monticello, 4th inst. by Rev. W. Bloomer, J. H. KNOWLES of Broome, Schoharie Co., JULIA A. SIMMONS of Bethel.

Same time and place and by the same, H. SIMMONS of Bethel to M. HART of Paterson, N. J.

At Woodbourne, 22nd ult. Rev. I. G. Duryea, HENRY HOLMES to ELEANOR M. NEWKIRK, both of Greenfield.

In Rockland, 26th ult. by same, MARTIN SCHRIBER to SARAH A. VANDEMARK.

Denton, Orange Co. 28th ult. Rev. Mr. Wood, CHARLES CLARK to AMANDA BOMBGARD.

Middletown, Orange Co. 12th inst. Rev. Daniel T. Wood, ALEXANDER T. BULL, M. D. of Monticello to SARAH G. VAIL, only dau. of Lewis of former place.

Dec. 21, 1849

Liberty 10th inst. by Rev. John Devy, WILLIAM BARDIN of Grahamsville to DELINDA CARILE of same place.

Dec. 28, 1849

At Phillipsport, Dec. 19, Rev. Adee Vail, PETER BROSS of N. J. to MARTHA C. EIGHSENBURG of former place.

Jan. 4, 1850

Dec. 25, Rev. John Devy, EDWARD H. PINNEY of Bethel to HARRIET HILL, dau. of Harlow of Liberty.

Dec. 27th by Rev. S. W. Mills, THEODORE J. DENTON of Denton, Orange Co. to HARRIET E. BAILEY, dau. of Nathaniel Bailey nr. Middletown.

Near Washingtonville, Tues. last, Rev. Dr. McCartee, J V. MONTANYE of the Independent Republican to MARTHA W. BREWSTER, youngest dau. of Samuel, decd.

On Tues. eve. 1st inst., Rev. Jas. Wood, DAVID SEELY of Chester to JULIANA KETCHAM of same place.

On 29th ult. Rev. S. W. Mills, GEORGE D. TEARS to FRANCES MARIA HULTSLANDER, both of Mamakating.

Jan. 11, 1850

At Bethel, 3d inst. by Rev. P. C. Robertson, ROBERT L. TILLOSTON, Esq. attorney at law, of Monticello to MARY GILLESPIE, dau. of Wm. of former place.

Temperance House, Monticello, New Year's Day by Rev. E. K. Fowler, AMOS HALL to EMILY BURR, dau. of Bradley Burr of Liberty.

On 1st inst. by Rev. James Adams, WILLIAM T. KELLAM of Wayne Co., Pa. to JERUSHA JANE HUNTINGTON, dau. of Jerred Huntington of Thompson.

On 1st inst. at Wiggins Hotel in Monticello, by Rev. W. Bloomer, SILAS B. PALMER of Neversink to ELIZABETH M. GILLETT of Fallsburgh.

In Liberty on 27th ult. by Stedman Fox, JOHN SIMMONS of Bethel to ELIZA BROADHEAD of former place.

Jan. 18, 1850

At Wurtsboro 9th inst. by Rev. Dr. Cruikshank, WINTHROP H. DORRANCE to Miss HULDA KUYKENDALL, both of that place.

In town Cochecton, Dec. 27, by Rev. N. H. Bangs, STEPHEN KEESLER to LUCY ANN CROSBY.

On 1st inst. town of Bethel, by Rev. N. H. Bangs, ISRAEL BERLEN to MARYA A. FRAZER.

On 1st inst. in town of Bethel, by Rev. N. H. Bangs, (repeated_

31st ult. at Middletown, NELSON FINCH of Mt. Hope to SARAH HOLLY of Wallkill.

In New York on 8th inst. by Rev. Wm. Barnard, LEWIS S. LENHEIM of Narrowsburgh, Sull. Co. to LAVINA JUMP of Greenville, Greene Co., N. Y.

Jan. 25, 1850

In Monticello, on Wed. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, JOHN B. ROMAR, of Deposit, Del. Co. to MELVINA RELYEA, dau. of Simon of Monticello.

On 16th inst. in Thompson by Rev. W. Bloomer, SILAS A. BOWERS of Fairfield Co., Conn. To ERMINA D. DEMAREST of former place.

In Monticello, 21st inst. by Rev. G. Whiston, BENJAMIN G. PALMER to CORNELIA HENDRICKSON both of Fallsburgh.

In Bloomingburgh, 20th inst. by Eld. G. Bebee, Eld. REED BURRITT of Hector, Tompkins Co. to ABBEY BAILEY of former place.

Feb. 1, 1850

At Greenfield, 10th inst. by Rev. S. B. Ayers, JOHN VAN LEUVEN to SUSAN ANN TOWNSEND both of Greenfield.

By same, also at Greenfield on same eve. SAMUEL YOUNGS to MARY FISHER both of Greenfield.

At Marbletown, Jan. 9th by Rev. C. L. Vandyke, WM. TOWNSEND of Greenfield to SARAH CATHARINE VAN LEUVEN, of former place.

On Dec. 27th by Rev. S. W. Mills, THEODORE DENTON, of Denton to HARRIET E. BAILEY, dau. of Nathl. of Middletwon, N. Y.

Feb. 8, 1850

At Bethel, Jan. 31 by Rev. W. J. Blain, JOEL D. BROWN of Cochecton to CAROLINE BURTON.

At Milwaukee, on 7th ult. by Rev. Mr. Ackley, G. C. LEDYARD of that city, formerly of Newburgh, to ELISABETH S. MORRIS of Boston.

Feb. 15, 1850

At White Lake, 6th inst. Rev. C. P. Robertson, JOHN J. LINSON to EMILY F. JORDAN, dau. S. M., all of White Lake.

31st ult. by Rev. E. Denniston, JOHN BURGHER to JULIA ANN PARKS, both of Liberty.

On Thursday, Dec. 13 by Rev. W. W. Murphy, WILLIAM LINDSAY to JANE ROGERS, all of Liberty.

Feb. 22, 1850

By Rev. Edw. K. Fowler on 12th inst. LEWIS FRANK to Miss EMILY MARTINE, all of Thompson.

On Thurs. Dec. 13th by Rev. W.W. Murphy, WM. LINDSEY to JANE ROGERS, all of Liberty.

March 1, 1850

In Monticello, 20th inst. by Rev. O. Winston, CONSTANTINE WOOD of Bethel to DEBORAH E. MABEN of Cochecton.

In Monticello18th inst. by Stephen Andrews, Esq., SAMUEL GROO of Neversink to JANE DEPUY of Fallsburgh.

March 8, 1850

On Feb. 26th by Rev. N. H. Bangs, JOHN ANDERSON to DORCAS WINSLOW all of Callicoon.

In Marlborough, N. J. by Rev. D. V. McLean, Rev. A. C. MILLSPAUGH of Middletown, N. J. to SARAH A. BARCELLO, of former place.

On 28th ult. by Rev. E. Denniston, ALBERT CHESHIRE to ALMIRA F. MONROE.

In Epis. Church, Middletown, Wed. 20th ult. by Rev. Mr. Timlow, Hon. JOHN G. WILKIN to SUSAN COOLEY, all of Wallkill.

March 15, 1850

On 9th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, EBENEZER SWEET to ISABELLA HAMMOND all of Thompson.

In Bethel, 6th inst. by Rev. P. C. Robertson, ELIAS C. CLAYTON to ELIZABETH ANN BROWN, dau. of Benj. E.

At Cuddebackville on 2d inst. by Rev. Mr. Van Wyck, SAMUEL GORDON to HARRIET M. VAN INWEGEN, eldest dau. of Moses, of former place.

At same time and place by same, PHILIP FINIGEN to LYDIA DEGRAW.

March 22, 1850

In Callicoon on 11th inst. by Rev. N. H. Bangs, CYRUS QUICK to CLARISSA SMITH.

At Woodburn, 7th inst. by Rev. I. G. Duryee, LUTHER ROBINSON to SALLY ANN SMITH.

By same 12th inst. NATHAN B. BLOCK of Neversink to ANN AUGUSTA DE PUY of Fallsburgh.

On 14th inst. by same, PATRICK COX to MARY HARDING, 2nd dau. of James.

On same eve by same, MOSES Y. SMITH to CYNTHIA LEROY.

On 13th inst. by Rev. J. L. Gilder, GEORGE DELAMATER to HARRIET QUACKENBOSS, bot h of Montgomery.

March 29, 1850

At Searsburgh, Orange Co., 21st inst. by Rev. R. P. Lee, ISAAC ROBERTSON to MARY BOOKSTAVER.

On 21st inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, JOHN N. GLASS to SARAH A. JACOBY, both of Thompson.

On 11th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, HENRY BARNUM to ELIZABETH DEWEY, both of Bridgeville.

April 5, 1850

At Woodburn 28th ult. by Rev. J. C. Duryea, MOSES DAVIS to MARY ANN COLVER.

On 2d inst. J. B. WALLACE of Circleville, Orange Co., to AGNES WILSON of Landburgh.

At Fallsburgh on 24th ult. by Rev. John Davy, JOHN M. SEELEY of Greenfield (bride's name not given).

In Fallsburgh 24th ult. by Rev. O. Whiston, LEWIS H. GILLETT to RACHAEL HARMS, both of Fallsburgh.

April 12, 1850

In Crawford, Orange Co., 21st ult. by Rev. Mr. Youngblood, ANDREW D. WHITTEN, Esq. to CLARISSA JANE M'EWEN, all of Crawford.

On 7th ult. by Elder J. Davies, GEORGE W. TIMERSON to NANCY JANE BENEDICT.

In Wawayanda?, Orange Co., 21st ult. by Elder G. Beebe, WM. CONKLIN of Minisink to PHEBE ANN CLARK, dau. of David, of former town.

April 19, 1850

At Fallsburgh on 10th inst. by Rev. J. G. Duryea, SETH WRIGHT, Jr. of Trenton, N. J. to EMELINE H. LUDINGTON, dau. of H. R., of former place.

On 24th ult. by Rev. A. L. Brooks, SYLVESTER BURTON of Bethel to EUNICE E. CLARK of Corning, Steuben Co.

At Montgomery, March 31st, by Rev. H. Humphrey, GEORGE SIMPSON of Fishkill Landing to CATHARINE McLAUGHLIN of former place.

April 26, 1850

At Newburgh, 9th inst. by Rev. Mr. Gray, BEN B. ODELL to OPHELIA BOOKSTAVER, all of Newburgh.

On 13th inst. by A. B. Boyce, Esq., WILLIAM GABLE to BARBARA SIBERT, all of Callicoon.

At White Lake House 16th inst. by Rev. P. C. Ebbertson, JAMES LYONS of Waterville to MARIA JANE WRIGHT, dau. of Thos. of Bethel.

May 3, 1850

In N. Y. on Thurs. Apr 18th by Rev. Mr. Wood, JOHN D. CRAWFORD to MARIA C. TOWNLEY both of this village.

In this village, on 18th ult. by Rev. S. W. Mills, HENRY B. SHONS of Port Jervis to PHEBE MILLER of Bloomingburgh.

In Wallkill, Mar. 21st by Rev. Daniel T. Wood, SAMUEL McSHAW of Mt. Hope to RUTH SAYRE, of Wallkill.

On 4th ult. by Rev. Mr. Wright, ELBERT D. BURNHAM, formerly of Monticello, to ELIZABETH McFARLAND of NYC.

At Walden, N. Y., 4th ult. Rev. Mr. Evans, Dr. E. EVANS to JESSIE S. CAPRON, dau. of S. M.

In Newburgh, 17th ult. by Rev. Dr. Johnston, JACOB HORTON of Fishkill to ELIZA LAWSON, of former place.

On 27th ult. by Rev. J. L. Gilder, JOSEPH PORTER of Ulsterville to CECELIA PARLIAMAN of Newburgh.

In Newburgh, 17th ult. by Rev. John Johnston, JOHN L. WESTERVELT to CATHARINE GORHAM, all of above place.

In Greenfield, Ulster Co., by Rev. S. B. Ayres, JOSEPH M. DEVOE to HANNAH GRAY, both of Greenfield.

At Ellenville, 25th ult. by Rev. S. B. Ayres, JOSEPH M. DAVENPORT of Allgierville to LYDIA ANN VERNOOY of Wawarsing.

At Ellenville, 22d ult. by Rev. S. B. Ayres, JACOB HUY of Napanoch to LUCY FULTON, of former place.

May 10, 1850

At Woodbourne, 26th ult. by Rev. I. G. Duryea, GORDUS HILL to EMELINE HARDING.

At Otisville, on 13th ult. by Eld. Gilbert Beebe, DIMICK WILKIN to SYLVIA ANN CADWELL, all of above place.

At Walden, 24th ult. Rev. Wm. Blain, JAMES SADLIER of NYC to ANN JEANETTE WOODRUFF of former place.

At Drowned Lands on 25th ult. by Rev. S. B. Ayers, ISAAC J. TYRRELL to JANE V. SNYDER, both of above named place.

On 21st ult. by John M. Heller, Esq., JOHN HALL of Lackawaxen to ELIZABETH SHOEMAKER, of Lehman; all of Pike Co., Pa.

On 11th ult. by Rev. James Clark, JOHN JESSUP of Wayne Co., JANETTA BACON of Easton, Pa.

May 17, 1850

On 6th inst. at W. Taghkenic, Columbia Co. by Rev. S. M. Knapp, JOHN REYNOLDS of Sull. Co. to HARRIET ELIZA KNAPP of former place.

On 25th ult. by Allen Stewart, ROWLAND LAMB of Colchester, Del. Co. to MARGARET HARDIE of Rockland, Sull. Co.

On 1st inst. by Rev. S. S. Coit, GILBERT MOORE of Wallkill to MARY A. FINCH of Mt. Hope, Orange Co.

On 24th ult. Clinton, Wayne Co., Pa. Rev. Elder Curtis, AMZI WILSON of Fell, late editor of Northern Penn. To LOUISA AYRES of Carbondale.

On 1st inst. by Rev. D. Lyman, HORACE W. MONTROSS of Ellenville to SARAH E. DUTCHER of Cairo, Greene Co.

On March 7, New Paltz, EZEKIEL S. ELTING of New Paltz, to MARY ELEANOR ELTING, of former place.

At Montague, Sussex Co., NJ on 4th inst. by Rev. D. F. Leach, LEWIS QUICK of Barryville to MARGARET CORWIN of former place.

May 24, 1850

By Rev. E. K. Fowler, 15th inst. NORMAN J. VAN ORDEN to MARY ANN RAMSAY of Bethel.

At Stevensville, 1st inst. by Joseph Bullivant, JAMES F. MAYBE of Del. Co. to HANNAH MAGINESS of Green Co.

Monticello, Tues. eve by Rev. James Adams, SOLOMON ROYCE to SARAH STEWART, all of Thompson.

In Napenock, 4th inst. by Rev. Mr. Buck, COARA D. STEFFENURE to ELIZABETH BLUMENAURE.

May 9th at Greenfield, Rev. S. B. Ayres, ISAAC SLATER of Ellenville to SARAH JANE HOLMES, of former place.

May 31, 1850

In this village 25th inst. by Rev. S. W. Mills, DAVID H. SINSABAUGH to MARY ANN TERWILLIGER, both of Searsburgh.

On same day, by same, THOMAS GERRARD of Ellenville to ANN ELIZA MILLER, of this village.

On 22d inst. St. Paul's Church, Poughkeepsie, by Rev. Mr. Traver, CHARLES H. RUGGLES to MARY C. LIVINGSTON.

At Kingston, 22d inst. by her father, HANNAH VAN WYCK, dau. of Rev. Dr. Westbrook, to CHAS. W. BARRETT of Portland, Me.

June 14, 1850

On 13th ult. by Rev. John Davy, LEVI DEYOE of Lexington, Greene Co. to NANCY TELLER of Neversink, Sull. Co.

5th inst. by Rev. Mr. Lee, WILLIAM C. LAWSON of Newburgh to CHARLOTTE A. LOW, dau. of Lawrence, of Crawford.

June 21, 1850

In N. Y. 7th inst. by Rev. H. Chase, WM. H. WHIPPLE of Troy, N. Y. to MARY R. WINTON of Westport, Conn.

On 15th inst. late Rev. Wm. Bloomer, JOHN C. PELTON - HANNAH STODDARD, both of Thompson.

On Sat. last by Rev. E. K. Fowler, ALBERT DEMAREE to ALMIRA HAYNES.

June 28, 1850

On 13th inst. by Rev. Dr. Wm. D. Snodgrass, JAMES W. OLIVER of Orange Hotel to SARAH SEARS, dau. of Capt. Richard, all of Goshen.

At Port Jervis, 5th inst. by Rev. Mr. Van Wyck, LEMUEL L. CHAPIN to JEMIMA CUDDEBACK, dau. of Benj. of former place.

On 13th inst. by Rev. W. Slingerland, LOUIS HASBROUCK of Ogdensburgh to SARAH M. HASBROUCK, dau. of Levi Hasbrouck of New Paltz.

At Mt. Hope, May 15th, GEORGE ELSTON of Minisink, to JANE HAWKINS of Mt. Hope.

At Ellenville, June 13th, LEWIS STRATTON to Mrs. HARRIET BLAKE, both of Thompson.

July 5, 1850

On 13th ult. by Rev. I. G. Duryea, WILLIAM WOOD to ELIZABETH DEPUY all of Fallsburgh.

July 12, 1850

On 3d inst. Rev. E. K. Fowler, Capt. THOMAS NEIL to SUSAN E. ACKER, all of Monticello.

In Thompson, 4th inst. Rev. Wm. Bloomer, JOHNSON HAWKS to MARY JANE SMITH, both of Lumberland.

July 19, 1850

In Liberty 5th inst. Rev. N. H. Bangs, ELIJAH KITTLE to V. A. SHAVER, all of Andes, Del. Co.

In Calliccoon 23d ult. by John Little, Esq., MILTON M. LITTLE to N. BENEDICT.

On 1st ult. by same, JOSEPH LAYTON to MARY KOUSE, both of Cochecton.

May 18 last, Rev. Wm. Jercoe, BALDWIN CLARK - ANN A. RAY, all of Thompson.

In Brooklyn, on 10th inst. by Rev. Alex R. Thompson, WILLIAM LUMBY of N. Y. to JANETTE N. THOMPSON, dau. of Wm. R.

May 15th last in Calif. By Rev. Morehouse, WILLIAM C. YOUNG, formerly of Newburgh to LUCY A. BARNES of Sacramento City.

July 26, 1850

On 16th inst. Miles S. Ray, ROBERT KNAPP - BETSEY MISNER, all of Fallsburgh.

Aug. 2, 1850

On 30th ult. by Rev. I. G. Duryea, JOHN B. MORLEY - ELIZABETH A. CORSON, both of Greenfield.

By same, ELAM MISNER - MARGARET GORDON, both of Fallsburgh.

At Warwick, 27th ult. by Rev. Geo. B. Van Wyck, WILLIAM S. TOWNSEND to MARY ANN MOTT of Vernon, N. J.

Aug. 9, 1850

July 31st Rev. W. W. Murphy, EBEN HALL - PHEBE ELIZA BARTON, all of Liberty.

Aug. 16, 1850

At Bridgehampton, Suffolk Co. 1st inst. Rev. C. H. Edgar, MOSES SWEZEY of Goshen to MARY E. GREY of former place.

July 30, Rev. I. G. Duryea, ELAM MISNER to MARGARET GORDON, both of Fallsburgh. (repeat)

Aug. 30, 1850

At Shawangunk, Ulster Co., 23d inst. by Rev. Mr. Alliger, IRA PHILLIPS of Phillipsport to SARAH C. RHINEHART of former place.

On 21st inst. by A. B. Royce, JAMES TAIT - MARY NELSON, all of Collikoon.

On 22nd inst., Westport, Conn., Rev. Mr. Ballou, JAMES V. MORRISON of Wurtsboro to HARRIET R. BAKER of former place.

On 21st inst. at Monticello, Rev. Wm. Bloomer, ISAAC PINCXNEY of Bethel to MARGARET FISH of Liberty.

Minisink, 19th inst. Rev. E. K. Fowler, JOSEPH LOVELESS to ARMINDA LOPER.

In Callicoon, 23d June, Rev. Henry Little, MILTON M. LITTLE - MARY A BENEDICT.

Sept. 6, 1850

At Parsonage Ref. Dutch Church in this village, 4th inst. Rev. S. W. Mills, STEPHEN HOWARD - SARAH CATHARINE GILLOW, both of this village.

At same time & place by same, JACOB A. VAN PUZER formerly of Monroe, to SARAH ANN DRAKE of Bloomingburgh.

Sept. 13, 1850

3d ult. Rev. W. S. Stilwell, JAMES MANCE, Jr. to RACHEL EVENS of Shawangunk.

Monticello, 5th inst. Rev. E. K. Fowler, GEO. D. ROYCE - CATHARINE M. COLEMAN.

4th inst. by Rev. W. Bloomer, HORACE SMITH to SATELLA M. JACKSON, both of Bethel.

In Bethel, 22d ult. Rev. N. H. Bangs, EWIS KORTRIGHT to SARAH M. FITCH.

11th ult. Rev. Robt. P. Lee, Dr. JAMES H. SMILEY of Bloomingburgh to ELSIE HIGBIE of Grayford, Orange Co.

Sept. 20, 1850

17th inst. by Rev. A. C. Fields, REV. N. H. BANGS of N. Y. to LUCY JANE PINNEY, dau. of Henry of Bethel.

Bloomingburgh, 12th inst. by Rev. John Reid, JOHN T. ODELL late of Burlingham to NANCY CURRAN of Rocky Forest, Orange Co.

In Thompson on 11th inst. PHILIP C. BROOME, Jr. to PHEBE JANE BENEDICT.

Monticello, 12th inst. Rev. E. K. Fowler, THOMAS ALLEN - PHEBE TIMLOW.

Sept. 27, 1850

In Thompson, 15th inst. Rev. Wm. Vercoe, JOHN BANASAN of Fallsburgh to JANE HORNBECK of Thompson.

In Cochecton on 18th inst. by James C. Curtis, ALEX COCHRAN Jr. to ELIZABETH JANE STEWART of Bethel.

In Cochecton, 19th inst. by same - GEORGE ROSS - ROSANNAH ROSS.

Oct. 4, 1850

Nr. Baptisttown, Hunterdon Co., NJ, 9th ult. by Elder Gabriel Conklin - SUSAN E. CONKLIN - ELI BRITTON.

Oct. 11, 1850

Sept. 26th at res. John Henry, N. Y. C. by Rev. E. Dunlap Smith, CORNELIUS B. MILLER of Mobile to AGNES SCOTT of NYC.

At Searsville, 26th ult. Rev. R. F. Lee, JOHN SEARS of Montgomery to ELIZABETH COMFORT, of former place.

On 22nd ult. J. C. Corwin, F. SAXTON to ALICE B. ATHERTON, of Narrowsburgh. In Monticello, Oct. 1, by Rev. E. Denniston, GEORGE MALLORY to EMELINE CLEMENTS, both of Liberty.

In Bethel, Sept. 26 by Rev. C. P. Robbinson, JOHN SINCLAIR - MARGARET KELLY.

Oct. 3, by same, MOSES MAGAW to NANCY COCHRAN, all of Bethel.

In Liberty, Sept. 8, by Rev. N. H. Bangs, MUNSON BURR to ELEANOR SCHOONMAKER.


At Steam Hill, 21st ult. by Rev. C. S. Cott?, LEWIS S. TAYLOR of Forestburgh to ELIZABETH A. PALMER, of Mamakating.

In Thompson, 6th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, LOBERT LECOMPT to ABIGAIL B. SHERWOOD, all of Thompson.

Oct. 18, 1850

10th inst. Rev. W. S. Stilwell, HARRISON H. BROWN - SARAH WINTERS, both of this town.

Coram, L. I., Oct. 13th by Elder Hart, E. BUCKLEY CLUSSMAN of Waverly, L. I. - ANN MARIA HAIT of Thompson, N. Y.


Nov. 1, 1850

23d ult. Rev. P. C. Robertson, Pastor Assoc. Ref. Ch. White Lake, ORVILLE FOSTER of Thompson - MELVINA LINDERMAN, dau. David.

19th ult. Wm. F. De Witt, WILLIAM H. PETTIJOHN of Baltimore to ROANNER WESTBROOK of Mamakating.

Nov. 8, 1850

In this village, 26th ult. Rev. W. S. Stilwell, WM. O. NORTON to MARY B. BAILEY, all of this village.

8th ult. Rev. John Davy, GEORGE GOULD of Hancock - EUNICE NORTON of Callicoon.

At Grahamsville, 2d inst. by Rev. John W. Hemmong, ANDREW CURRIE to MARY BURTON.

Nov. 15, 1850

7th inst. by Rev. E. K. Fowler, HOMER SPENCER of Litchfield, Conn. - NANCY BROWN.

At same time by same, JAS. WILLIAMS of Monticello to ABIGAIL BROWN.

On 5th inst. by Rev. E. Denniston, WILLIAM OVERTON of Rockland to E. A. BANKS of Liberty.

In Crawford, 13th inst. Rev. John H. Leggett, J. C. S. HARDENBURGH - SARAH BRUSH, dau. of Daniel.

On 3d inst. by Rev. Wm. W. Murphy, GEORGE W. BENTON - NANCY P. GATES, all of Liberty.

In this village by Rev. W. S. Stilwell, SAMUEL D. SHORTER - SUSAN RUDD of Phillipsport.

On 9th inst. Rev. S. W. Mills, JAMES R. W. ELDER of Crawford to SUSAN REDFIELD of Walkill; both of Orange Co.


1845 - 1848

May 15, 1845

At Burlingham, in town of Mamakating, on Sat. last - J. L. TERWILLIGER.

On 9th inst. at Kingston, N. Y. - CHARLES W. CLIPP, Esq., 42 yrs.

May 22, 1845

JOHN STEELE d. nr. Somerville, in that State on 8th inst. , 91 yrs.

May 29, 1845

JOHN CUNNINGHAM of New Burgh on Sat. last.

In this town 25th inst. FLOYD NORRIS, formerly Tompkins Co., 30 yrs.

June 5, 1845

EDWARD BALDWIN shot himself.

Rev. soldiers:
GEORGE WALTER at Johnstown, Fulton Co., 90 yrs.
SILAS HOYT at Greenfield, Saratoga Co. on the 20th ult. - 84 yrs.

At Woodstock, Ulster Co. on May 13th DANIEL HASBROUCH, 75.

June 12, 1845

At Schoharie C. H. on 1st inst. HENRY HAMILTON, 55.

In N. Y. 7th inst. JAMES PALEN - 35y 6m

June 19, 1845

8th inst. at res. of son, nr. this village, Mrs. JANE MILLS, relict of late Jonathan Mills of this city, aged 67.

June 26, 1845

Rev. Vet. RUFUS KINGSLEY, d. Harford, Pa. May 26th, 84 yrs. B. Windham, Conn., Feb. 1, 1763.
His wife d. May 29 of same year.

Clifton House, Niagara Falls, 12th inst., JAMES T. VAN DUZER, s. Benj. of Middletown, aged 25.

July 10, 1845

4th inst. SARAH HONSEE, w. Theodore, 32.

JAMES WHITE, drowned.

July 17, 1845

Drowned ALEX. KETCHUM, Mr. and JOHN SILSBY at Lord's Pond a few miles west of Wurtsboro.

In this town at res. of J. O. Dunning, on 12th inst. THOMAS MERTINE, 76.

In this village on Sunday last CLEMENT BOTSFORD, s. Marcus K. VAN ORSDELL, 3 yrs.

In this village, 2nd inst. WILLIAM BOTSFORD, s. of Alexander PITTS, aged 3.

On Sunday at Monticello, Mrs. MARIA LOUISA GALE, w. of Hiram Gale and dau. of late John J. STEWART, aged 22.

In Neversink, 6th inst. Mrs. ANNA CHILDS, wid. Timothy, 81 yrs.

I wondered too regarding a week and year shift at the entries below. --- Tim Stowell 12 Dec 2005.
July 24, 1846

In this town 21st inst. Capt. ISSAC RUNDELL, 80 yrs.

July 31, 1846

At Pittsfield Female Institute 16th inst. Miss SARAH ELIZ. DOWNS, dau. of Gen. J. S. Smith of Kingston, Ulster Co.

Aug. 7, 1846

Westown, Orange Co. 23d ult. Miss LAURA MITCHELL d. N., 16 yrs.

Aug. 14, 1846

WILLIAM PIERCE formerly U. S. Dist. Atty. on Friday last.

JONATHAN HASBROUCK d. yesterday, 83 yrs. At Kingston, NY.

In this town, July 31st MARIA NORRIS, w. Keeler, abt. 21 yrs.

Hudson on Tuesday last, JEHU W. SMITH, s. of Nehemiah of Thompson, Sull. Co., 42 yrs.

In Ellenville, ERASTUS TAYLOR formerly of Thompson.

In Schenectady on 1st inst. ELIZABETH HENRIETTA HOOK, w. Josiah C. formerly White Lake, 60 yrs.

Aug. 21, 1846

Fishkill, 17th inst. SUSAN FRANCES HUNTER, w. of T. VAN WYCK BRINKERHOFF, 22 yrs.

ABRAHAM BLAKE of Castleton, S. I., aged 60.

Aug. 28, 1846

Thompson, 20th inst. MARY, dau. of Capt. Elias CHAMPLIN, 4-3-19.

Sept. 18, 1846

Hon. F. G. McCONNELL, M. C. of Alabama last Thursday.

In Liberty 14th inst. EFFIE LE ROY aged 80.

At Beekman, 4th inst. Mrs. JANE FLAGLER, w. Philip, 80.

At Albany 4th inst. Rev. DAVID ABEEL, 42.

Sept. 25, 1846

The wife and 2 daus. of Rufus WILKINSON were drowned Thurs. of last week at Sacketts Pond while fishing.

12th inst. at his res. nr. Asylum, DANIEL ST. JOHN, 85.

Oct. 2, 1846

WM. PARKS of Parksville d. last July, 80.

Crawford, Orange Co., 24th ult. ROBERT ELDER, 45.

Wurtsboro, 21st inst. JOHN P. WINNER, formerly of Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY, 53 yrs.

Rockland, 15th ult. Mrs. RACHEL STEWART, relict late JEHIEL STEWART, Rev. Pensioner, 89-5-14.

Oct. 23, 1846

Cayuga, Chemung Co. 1st inst. JOHN NORRIS, formerly of this town, 43.

Newburgh, 13th inst. ABRAHAM BAKER, formerly of this town, 43.

At Searsburgh, Orange Co., Thurs. Oct. 8, ABEL LIBOLT, M. D., 43.

Oct. 30, 1846

NATHANIEL P. ROGERS of Concord, N. H. d. 16th inst. 52 yrs.

Nov. 6, 1846

In Forestburgh, on Tues. 27th ult., CHARLES PENNEY, 32.

Nov. 13, 1846

JONAS EARLL, JR. one of the Canal Commissioners of this State d. Syracuse, 27th ult. 61 yrs.

Nov. 20, 1846

In Thompson on Sat. last HENRY DEWEY, 32.

Middletown, Orange Co. 12th inst. THEODORE H. HANDFORD, s. David Hanford of this town, 18 yrs 10 mos.

Nov. 27, 1846

24th inst. Crawford, Orange Co., JOHN TIDD, 47.

Lumberland, 3d inst. DANIEL SKINNER, 100 yrs., Rev. Soldier.

Dec. 5, 1846

Bethel, 17th ult. EMILY A. MATTISON, dau. Francis & Rebecca, 2-7-15.

18th ult. LYDIA MARIA CONKLIN, dau. Eleazer M.

Crawford, Orange Co. 28th ult. JAMES H. LOSEY, s. James Harvey Losey, 20 yrs.

Dec. 18, 1846

Newburgh, 28th ult. ROBERT KERR, 91, Rev. Soldier.

Dec. 25, 1846

Thompson, Sat. last JONATHAN REYNOLDS, 70 yrs. First settler of Thompson.

Jan. 1, 1847

Gen. ERASTUS ROOT, d. N. Y. Thursday last, 74 yrs.

In this village, Dec. 31st ISABELLA STEVENSON, dau. Thos. & Eliza, 1-10-14.

Hon. ALEX BARROW, U. S. Senator from La. D. Baltimore Wed. last.

Jan. 15, 1847

Crawford, N. Y. on Sat. 9th inst. JESSE M. TIDD

In this village, Sat. 9th inst. JOHN REEVES DRAKE, Jr., 18-4-18.

Jan. 22, 1847

PETER R. LIVINGSTON d. Rhinebeck, N. Y. a few days since, 81.

Monticello, 12th inst. GEORGE TAYLOR, 75.

Jan. 29, 1847

Thompson, 20th inst. DELILAH w. Benjamin MILLSPAUGH, 41.

Feb. 5, 1847

MONROE EDWARDS d. few days ago in Prison Hospital at Sing Sing.

Walkill, N. Y. Feb. 2, WILLIAM A. TODD, 50.

In N. Y. 30th ult. 25 yrs. VIRGINIA ELIZA POE w. Edgar A. Poe.

Feb. 12, 1847

ROBERT COMFORT, 45 d. Monday last.

Wurtsboro, Feb. 1, CORNELIA RUNDLE, w. Isaac J., 32y 11d.

Middletown, N. Y., 10th inst. JONAH FRANGE, 35-6-24.

In this village, 11th inst. ELSIE ANN MURRAY, dau. John & Margaret, 4m.

Mar. 5, 1847

Col. JONATHAN P. MILLER, d. 17th inst. at Montpelier, Vt.

Scotchtown, Sat. 1st inst. METHUSELAH BALDWIN, 86.

Goshen, Monday last, NOAH CARPENTER, 70.

Mar. 12, 1847

Westbrookville, 23d ult., MARY WESTBROOK relict late Abm., 85.

Brownhaven, BENJAMIN M. USTICK, 50.

Mar. 19, 1847

At Grahamsville, 11th inst. inf. dau. Stoddard HAMMOND.

Monticello, 11th inst. Mrs. ANN ALLEN, w. Thos, 36.

In this village, Thurs. March 18th, JAMES KERR, 28.

March 28, 1847

NATHAN BEMAN, Rev. Sold. D. Chatauguay, Franklin Co. 22d ult., 90 yrs.

Apr. 2, 1847

In this village 2d inst. HARRIET BAILEY only child Rev. S. W. MILLS.

ABRAHAM JANSEN of Shawangunk, Ulster Co., d. Sat., 64 yrs.

Apr. 16, 1847

--- USTICK killed on Thurs. of last week.

STEPHEN MOORE of Mount Hope, N. Y., d. Sunday last.

Apr. 30, 1847

In this village Liberty, Apr. 22, MARY STANTON, 27.

Liberty, Apr. 25, ELEZER CROSBY, 66.

21st inst. JAMES RONALD of Liberty, 65.

May 14, 1847

Nr. this village, 7th inst. JOHN M. STITT, 67 yrs.

At N. Y. 7th inst. MARY INEZ GREELEY only dau. Horace & Mary Y. C., 6m. 7d.

June 4, 1847

In this village, 28th ult., HANNAH HALL, w. Harry WILLIAMS.

June 18, 1847

OLIVE HULSE hung himself.

Fallsburgh, 4th inst. JAMES HILL, 89 yrs.

27th inst., J. BROWN, 84.

At same place 31st inst. J. GREEN, 64.

Monticello, 12th inst. HENRY ROMER of Wurtsboro, 43.

June 25, 1847

DANIEL O'CONNELL d. Genoa on May 15th.

Rev. Dr. CHALMERS d. Scotland, 31st ult.

FRANCIS FAUVEL GURARD d. Brooklyn, 15th inst. aged 39.

In this town 21st inst. HENRY CLEARWATER, s. Abraham & Nancy, 1yr.

July 2, 1847

d. Hempstead, L. I. 16th inst. Rev. TIMOTHY CLOWES, LLD, 60 yrs. Columbia 1808.

20th inst. Shawangunk, CHAS. ROGERS, s. Daniel H., 2y 10m

Thompsonville, 27th ult. ALBERT W. WHEELER.

July 9, 1847

ELSIE T. HAZEN, b. July 21, 1827; d. Apr. 16, 1847, 19-8-16.

July 16, 1847

In Monticello, 9th inst. JANE ROZYKNOWSKI, w. Julian K., of the City of N. Y.

At Thompsonville, 11th inst. Mrs. WHEELER, wid. late Albert W..

Kingston, 3d, JOHN H. JANSEN, 75.

Hon. CHESTER BUCK, d. Lowville, NY 3d inst.

July 23, 1847

Goshen, Monday last JAMES RIKER, s. William W. BODLE, aged 1.

Blooming Grove, 17th inst. Rev. JAMES ARBUCKLE, pastor of the Blooming Grove Church, 49yrs.

July 30, 1847

In Neversink, 12th inst. JOHN HALL, Jr., 67 yrs.

Aug. 6, 1847

Burlington on Sat. last, JULIA ANN VAN BRUNT, 36.

Newburgh, 31st ult. PETER F. HUNN, s. late John S., 54.

Aug. 13, 1847

HENRY THOMPSON, 23, on 9th inst.

At Millsburgh, 6th inst., WILLIAM L. DICKERSON, s. Jesse, 31.

MACKAY CROSWELL, b. W. Hartford, Conn. Apr. 14, 1789 d. Catskill July 7, 1847, 78.

PETER G. STUYVESANT of NY d. Niagara Falls, 16th ult., 75.

Aug. 27, 1847

At Monticello, 16th inst. Mrs. LUCY MARSHALL.

Thompson, 15th inst., ANN ELIZA DECKER, w. Alfred, 17.

Kingston, 9th inst., JOSEPH HGGINS, 60.

Neversink, 16th inst., FRANCIS P. TOWNSEND, s. Joseph P. & Phebe D., 7m 26d.

Sept. 3, 1847

In Monticello, Aug. 25th at res. of her son, Dr. Ira Dales, Mrs. SARAH, relict of John DALES, decd. of Stamford, Del. Co., 68y 11dys

Sept. 24, 1847

JOHN HANKINS of Caliccoon, d. on Friday last

Hon. RICHARD H. WILDE d. New Orleans, 10th inst.

Oct. 1, 1847

Maj. POPHAM d. Sat. morning in N. Y., 95 yrs.

In Fallsburgh, 20th inst., HENRY GARDINER.

Oct. 8, 1847

At Cochecton, Sept. 23, LYSANDER BONESTEEL, s. of Wm. & Rachel Bonesteel, 3y.

Bullville, Orange Co., 25th ult., NICHOLAS LIBOLT, 76y.

Searsburgh, Orange Co., 16th inst., CATHERINE BARKLEY, w. of Henry Barkley and dau. of N. LIBOLT, 43.

Oct. 15, 1847

Monticello, Tuesday 5th inst. CHARLOTTE QUINLAN, dau. of James E. and Amanda, 16 mos.

NICHOLAS LIBOLT, d. Bullville, Orange Co., 25th ult., 76y.

On same day at Searsburgh, CATHERINE, w. Henry BARKLEY and dau. of N. LIBOLT, 43.

Oct. 22, 1847

Thompson, 18th inst. NANCY ROYCE, w. Solomon Royce and dau. late Capt. Alpheus BILLINGS of Norwich, Conn., 64 yrs.

At Cochecton, 10th inst., JOHN BARLOW, 24yrs.


Oct. 29, 1847

In this village, 23d inst. MARIA MILLSPAUGH, wife of David EVERETT, 39.

Nov. 5, 1847

Liberty, Oct. 31, MARIAH CHAMBERLAIN, consort of Pratt, 23.

Nov. 19, 1847

Hon. MATURIN LIVINGSTON, d. Sunday in this city at res. of son-in-law, Major DELAFIELD.

Nov. 26, 1847


Dec. 3, 1847

Rev. CHAS. VAN LOON, d. Poughkeepsie, on Sunday.

Dec. 17, 1847

At Thompsonville, 9th inst., Hon. WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, 86, native of Woodbury.

Dec. 24, 1847

Monticello, 14th inst., Mrs. HELEN WEEKS, 59, relict Jacob Weeks, decd and dau. of Andrew BILLINGS of Poughkeepsie.

Dec. 31, 1847

THERON RUDD d. St. Louis a few weeks since, 81 yrs., native of Dutchess Co.

Jan. 7, 1848

Otisville, Orange Co., 22nd ult. GEORGE W. CORWIN, 28 yrs.

Jan. 14, 1848

Wurtsboro, 24th ult., JAMES PINE, 78.

Tannerdale, Dec. 16, EDWIN H. DODGE, s. Jos. R. & Matilda C. Dodge, 5.

Neversink, 28th ult., NICHOLAS JOHNSON, 35.

Jan. 24, 1848

In this village 21st inst., PHEBE E. BURNHAM, w. Rev. P. J. Burnham, 36-9-6.

Nr. Wurtsboro, 18th inst., Miss LORETTA BROWN, 25.

Liberty, Sunday last CALEB BUCKLEY, 55.

Newburgh, Jan. 3, SARAH TUTHILL, wid. late Selah Tuthill, 72 y. 16d.

Middletown, 17th inst., ANTHONY HOUSTON, 41.

Jan. 28, 1848

In this village 25th inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH WACKMAN, 47-5-3.

Feb. 11, 1848

Dr. CLEMENT BOTSFORD of this village d. 8th inst., 34 yrs.

Thompson, 3d inst., EDWARD G. ROYCE, s. Solomon and Nancy Royce, 31.

Crawford, Orange Co., 22nd inst., JAN. RACHEL NORRIS, wid. John Norris late of Mamakating, 78.

Feb. 18, 1848

Thompson, 7th inst., JABEZ NORRIS, 45.

Feb. 25, 1848

THOMAS COLE d. Catskill, 12 inst., leaves wife and numerous family.

ANDREW S. WOOD of Rosendale, Ulster Co. was killed last week.

Mrs. LANMAN of Norwich, Ct, wid. late Judge Lanman; 4 children by a former marriage of which Park Benjamin, Esq. of N. Y. City is one. Burnt to death on 11th inst.

New Windsor, Orange Co., 19th inst., EDWARD DENNISTON, s. Gilbert and Sarah of Fallsburgh, 39 yrs.

White Lake on Friday last, ARCHIBALD COLEMAN, 50.

Thompson, Monday last, JAMES C. EDMUNDS.

Liberty, Feb. 11th, SETH HOTCHKIN, 72. Dea. Old School Bapt. Church.

Mar. 3, 1848

Fallsburgh, Feb. 2, LUCY ANN HOTCHKIN, dau. Zebulon, 11y 7m.

Mar. 10, 1848

In this village, 3d inst., Mrs. ESTHER BODLE, wid. late Hon. Chas. Bodle, 61.

Thompson, 4th inst., HENRY PINE, 18.

Mar. 17, 1848

AMBROSE SPENCER, d. Lyons, N. Y., 13th inst., 83.

In this place 13th inst. ORINDA O. BURNHAM, dau. Rev. P. J. Burnham, 7 mos.

In this town, 8th inst., ANNAH WILLIAMS, w. Benjamin Williams, 52-7-21.

HENRY WHEATON d. Roxbury, Mass., 11th inst.

Mar. 24, 1848

In N. Y., 16th inst., BENONI SWEET, formerly of this town, 91-7-21.

JOHN M. HOLLEY, Rep from this State, d. recently in Fla.

Mar. 31, 1848

Near Middletown, Sat. 11th inst., Mrs. HARRIET E. REEVE, w. David, 28.

In N. Y., 14th inst., JAMES HINDLEY, 67.

Apr. 7, 1848

Col. NICHOLAS VAN RENSELAER, Rev. Soldier, d. Utica, Wed. last, 94 yrs.

Hon. JAMES A. BLACK, M. C. from S. C., d. Washington, 30th inst.

Apr. 14, 1848

At Ithaca, Sunday Mar. 12, 1848, Mrs. CATHERINE TRUESDELL, 86.
Also Mar. 19th, JAMES TRUESDELL, 84 formerly of Orange Co. They were married and lived together for 57 years.

In Wurtsboro, GEORGE OLCOTT, res. of that village.

Walkill, N. Y., Mar. 30, ELLEN JANE SEAGERS, w. Joseph, 35.

Nr. Circleville, N. Y., 31st ult., DAVID SWEZY, 27.

Goshen, 9th inst., CATHARINE CASE, w. Birdsey, 60.

Middletown, 11th inst., SOPHIA LOOMIS.

Apr. 21, 1848

Bloomingburgh, 16th inst., inf. child of THOS. RUSSELL.

Wed., Walkill, N. Y., the wife of NATHAN YOUNGS.

Nr. New Vernon, 12th inst., CHARLES GREEN, 65.

In this town, 12th inst., MARTIN LIBOLT, 75.

Apr. 28, 1848

Liberty, 9th inst., Miss MARY ANN BUSH, 19.

Liberty, 14th inst., Miss ELIZA ROBERTSON, 19.

Utica, 17th inst., JOHN T. ROMEYN, Lawyer of Kingston, 48.

Crawford, 27th inst., ABSALOM LINDERMAN, 64.

21st inst., HARRIET, dau. of Absalom LINDERMAN and wife of Frederick SHAFER, 27.

May 5, 1848

Fallsburgh, 19th inst., HENRY JONES, s. of Joseph and Ann Jones, 19.

Liberty, 22nd inst., JEHOIAKIM SCHOONMAKER, s. of Martin, 18.

Philipsport, 22nd ult., REBECCA SHERWOOD, w. of Daniel, 23.

Philipsport, 19th ult., child of JEREMIAH HAZEN.

May 12, 1848

Binghamton, 18th ult., JOSHUA JACOBY, 40.

Thompson, 25th ult., MINERVA EUGENIA, d. of Re---- and Julia Ann CLARK, 4 mos.

Thomspon, Mar. 6, Mrs. HARRIET MARVIN, wife of Shapely STODDARD, 27.

Warwick, 22d ult., THOMAS WELLING, 62.

May 26, 1848

On 3d inst. ELIZABETH SEARS, aged 37, dau. of late Benj. of Montgomery.

June 2, 1848

Monticello, 24th ult., JANE GALE, dau. of Anson, 23.

Bethel, 21st ult., ANNA E. HOWARD, dau. of John & Elmira, 3y 6m.

Middletown, 2nd inst., GEORGE MANSE, agt of NY & Erie RR Co.

Philipsport, 12th inst., DANIEL SHERWOOD, 30.

June 9, 1848

At Shandaken, Ulster Co., 16th ult., JAMES R. JOSCELYN, s. George S. and Lucy, 11.

June 16, 1848

JOHN HALSTEAD, late of this village on 4th inst.

July 7, 1848

ROBERT SANDERSON on 6th inst. in this village, 26.

JOHN SLATER on 1st inst., in N. Y., formerly of this village, 78.

July 21, 1848

Honesdale, Pa., 9th inst., Col. CHAS. NIVEN, late of Newburgh, 50.

Near Thompsonville, 1st inst., 2 sons of Mr. Wilson drowned, aged 13 and 16.

July 28, 1848

In this town 25th inst., BENJAMIN T. BREWSTER, s. Harvey G., 18.

Walkill, 24th inst., SMITH PURDY, 68.

Otisville, 13th inst., SARAH ANN, w. of Elisha A. GREEN of Forestburgh, aged 34.

Aug. 4, 1848

Bethel, 20th ult., Mrs. MARY VANDERLYN of Shawangunk, 71.

Thompson, 20th ult., JAMES LANZADA, late Custom House officer at N. Y., 37.

N. Y., 26th ult., ANGELINE BULL, y. dau. John S. and Jane B., 8 mos.

N. Y., 1st inst., HELEN LISPENARD, w. of Col. J. W. WEBB and dau. of late A. L. STEWART of N. Y.


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