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Several people have volunteered to do lookups for the site. If you can't find what you need here, they might be able to help.

If you have some data that would be a nice addition to the site, please consider submitting it. Any submissions eagerly accepted, no matter the size; just e-mail me using the link below. It might take me a while to get it up, but I will. Contact me first if the file is large; I might think my mail system has frozen up.

You can also enter it into the Rootsweb system, and just e-mail me when its all up there, and the system will notify me so I can copy it over to make sure the search engine can find it. Currently, data posted to the Rootsweb system is gateway'd to the mailing list.

I would like to include some pages on the site, but frankly, I need submitter input to build them.

If you have/are researching a person who fits into the following category, please let me know:

(Links are to the offsite pages I am trying to mimic)


1. Migration database: Original people who moved into or out of Sullivan - frankly, this is just about anybody. (1st gen in or out)
data needed:
Surname, First Name, Maiden name (if woman), birth and death dates, From location, To location, moving date, your connection to this person and your name. ALL data must be available - "dropped in" cases won't work. For example, my Richard Hall of Bethel migrated into the area about 1835, but I have no idea from where so I can't add him.


2. Lost souls database: people you have found that don't quite fit into the standard family setup, including: Bound out children, Guardians with different surnames, Melded families, adopted children and parents of adopted children.


3. Rogues gallery
Stories about the famous/infamous around Sullivan Co. For example, I recently found a story in the NYTimes database about a Sullivan Co. woman who "made her escape"(newspapers words) from the Cochecton county house and died of exposure.


4. Enlisted mans roll of honor
A roll of individuals who enlisted in the Civil War and are largely ignored in most of the text about the war= the privates, etc. who were the backbone of the war effort.
Data required: Name, unit and company, service dates and reason for leaving. Also a mini bio of the person, with info like birth, death, marr info, locations where he lived, etc.

If anybody has an idea about another such category I haven't thought of, please pass it along too.

You are our welcome visitor to consider volunteering.

  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail   webmaster Tim.

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